Rezi Release Notes

The Rezi Product is always improving to your needs, the following aims to provide additional details on how we are listening and improving Rezi based on your feedback.

21st June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the UI design of the Overview section used within both the For Sale and For Let tabs. The hope is the change of design will help align the look and feel of property hub.

Older Changes

16th June 2022

16th June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the styling used within the Documents tab to follow the same styling as photos and brochures. We hope the UI changes will help align the look and feel of the product.  There was no  change to the logic or functionality which supports documents.

We have also resolved a minor UI issue which on occasions could have prevented the use of the menu buttons associated with a document.
14th June 2022

14th June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the styling of the Virtual Tours tab to follow the same styling as the rest of the property hub.  No changes to existing functionality.

Diary: In some limited instances, users were being presented within incorrect contact details within the diary summary. This has now been resolved.
Marketing Price: We have resolved a defect which resulted a small number of properties having their asking price reverted to the marketing price.

10th June 2022

10th June 2022 

People: Following the feedback given in the community forum we had added the non binary title value 'MX' and the gender option 'Not specified'. Over the coming weeks we will also be looking to implement non-binary icons.

Diary: In some limited instances, users were unable to add and/or remove inactive users from the view for the Diary. This has now been resolved.
Tenancy: We have resolved a defect which was preventing some users from being able to end a Tenancy.

7th June 2022

7th June 2022 

Unique Marketing Preference: The aim of the Unique Marketing Preference (UMP) is to provide the ability to override specific property details when you have multiple properties for sale or properties or for let against the same address.  To help illustrate the purpose, we have updated the UMP to styling to reflect this.

The UMP is enabled if the address has multiple active properties. For 99% of all user needs we expect the writeup tab to be used to store and manage the property details.

Owning Negotiator & Owning Branch:
As a result of customer feedback, we have introduced a new panel to the overview sections, within both the Let Agreed and For Sale tabs.  This introduces the ability to change the Owning Negotiator and Owning Branch without the need to navigate to another menu. Once a change has been made to either value, a save button will appear which allows for storing of the new details. Previously the user would have needed to navigate to the Actions menu and then select the Fees & Negotiator option (this option still remains the same).

Diary: In certain edge case scenarios the unattended viewings and appointments were not visible within the Diary.  This has now been resolved.

We have updated the styling used within the Write Up / Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) tab to match the property hub pages. The functionality itself remains the same.

Location: We have updated the styling used within the Write Up / Location tab to match the property hub pages and to highlight the Points of Interest feature. Points of Interest allows you to quickly and easily see the distances of key landmarks. 
25th May 2022

25th May 2022 

Property Hub -> Marketing/Brochure Tab: 

Taking on user feedback we have changed the styling and simplified the Marketing.  The Unique marketing preferences have moved to the Overview tab (with other marketing options) and the tab has been renamed to Brochures.

Overview Tab Following Change:

Marketing Tab Following Change:

Property Hub -> Write Up Tab: 

We have re-instated the Sync description option. From within the Writeup tab, you are now presented with the Actions Menu, within here you can select the copy description menu option.  This improved UI provides you with the ability to re-uses descriptions and features set against different marketing properties against the same address.

Button Location:


Copy Description Dialog:


We have resolved two separate defects which prevented the display of the appointments within the summary display and also the display of all day appointments. 

Minor UI Bugs: We have implemented various other minor UI bugs, including but not limited to the tab order used within the Room Descriptions.

Property Hub ->  Notes of Interest: 

Resolve a defect which resulted in the display of the date a NOI was created, instead of the date which the Offer was created as a result of NOI. Please note, this is specific to the Scottish region.

16th May 2022

Property Hub: Add the ability to copy property description and features from a historical or withdrawn listing.

Property Portal: Resolve a defect which prevented changes to a properties furnishing level from being passed into the portal.

10th May 2022

Property Hub:  We have listened to your feed back and made some UI changes to simplify the screens used to market a property.  Both the Features and Description sub tabs have been merged into one tab - Description.

9th May 2022

Tenancy Management:  We have identified and resolved an issue which was preventing some users from the ending of certain tenancies.