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24.02.20 09:29 PM By Rhys Daniels
The adoption of APIs in estate agency is not a technical problem, it’s a cultural one

After all, the principals and technology behind these fabled APIs have been with us for more than 20 years and in various guises stretching back even further.

At Dezrez, when it came to Rezi, we decided to start from the beginning; building a platform with full API technology from the ground up. We are the only leading CRM system in the estate agent industry with such technology.

We want estate agents to have the power to build an application network of Proptech with secure, reusable integrations and APIs designed, built and managed on our Rezi platform.

APIs allow different systems to communicate with each other without necessarily having to know what goes on behind the scenes. It’s not dissimilar to a restaurant where your server acts as the API carrying orders from your table to the kitchen. The key is that you don’t really care about what happens in the kitchen just that your food order is fulfilled, delivered and presumably meets expectations.

After all, who really wants to know how sausages are made?
Server Station
Power and Influence of Data.

If we acknowledge that having different systems communicate with each other is going to help the intermediary, the client and providers why hasn’t this been done already?

The crux of the problem is this is less a technical problem and more a cultural one, especially for certain actors in the process. In banking, retail, healthcare and education API connectivity are mainstream. However, estate agents have been slower adopters.

After all, if one’s power and influence are located within its own data it surely makes sense to protect it and prevent outside influence. However, different sectors are already benefiting from the power and efficiencies of opening their data and allowing other systems and users to interact with this.

One of the great proponents and early influencers of this has been Google, with Google Maps, that shares all its information for free and contains various ways that individuals can interact with the service; adding additional value to the service with reviews, photos and content.

Estate agency has been slow to pick up on this although there is a slow, but the encouraging, realisation of the benefits.
Pick The Benefits
Changing thinking is the real test.

Throughout the value chain of the estate and letting agent industry, the ability to allow different systems to interact will surely become a true differentiator for all involved.

This is tempered where many agencies have made significant investments into their own systems and interfaces, echoing the defensive nature of protecting one’s data.

The head scratcher is that many of the actors in the value chain effectively need much of the same information that is typically re-keyed or passed across in a non-computer readable format requiring human interaction to transfer back into another system.

It sounds crazy, but this is happening today. Often with our competitors!

For the techies, the solution is easy –  APIs. It’s just about getting those systems talking with each other. Rezi provides the ideal solution for this.

Yes, there are technical hurdles to overcome, especially those with less nimble legacy systems, but there are established patterns and methods to cover these challenges.

The bigger test is that change in thinking, to consider those open systems that communicate between each other are going to provide transformative benefits, just like they have elsewhere.

Our Director of corporate clients Richard Price can help with this change management and consultancy change management day can be booked by completing our contact form.