There is gold in your database!!

Have you ever heard of the phrase 'database mining'?

Well you have now!

Did you know that Rezi can provide you with the tools you need to start mining the gold in your own database?

Well you do now!

Watch the video at the end of this blog for a detailed over view.  The video will show you how to set up widgets that will help you identify opportunities within your database. 

Currently across the UK only 1 in 8 buyers go back to the agent they purchased through when they decide to sell.  By using the reports in Rezi to stay in touch with these buyers you can increase your odds of your past purchasers coming back to you! By allowing you to easily identify  past buyers, you can then create the opportunity to then contact them as potential sellers and nurture your relationship so that when the time comes they will think of nobody else but you!

If you want to make this task even easier then talk to me about how our professional services team can help to automate the process of identifying these opportunities and sending out emails on your behalf to initiate engagement, we can even then manage a long term nurture journey for them. Just drop me a line [email protected]