5 of the biggest proptech mistakes estate agents make

Technology has had a major impact on the estate agency industry over the last few year, and it is important for agents to get up to speed with prop tech to ensure their success. Unfortunately, as with any new technological advancements, many agents make mistakes that can have a serious impact on their success.

Here are the top 5 mistakes real estate agents are making when it comes to prop tech: 

1. Not Being Open to Change: Technology is constantly evolving and it’s important for agents to stay up to date with the latest prop tech trends. Those who are slow to adopt the latest advancements may find themselves falling behind the competition. 

2. Not Taking Advantage of Automation: Automation can help agents increase efficiency and free up more time to help more clients. Unfortunately, some agents opt to do everything manually, which can be more time-consuming and lead to inefficiencies. 

This can even include getting your tech to talk to each other, sometimes agents purchase new tech to save time, but actually end up creating more
work for themselves and their team, I have even heard of agents employing people just to input data into their proptech. Using smart integrations and
automations all of this can be avoided.

3. Not Leveraging the Right Technology: There are lots of different prop tech options out there and it can be a little bewildering.  Poor analysis of the available technology and ensuring that they can be integrated can cause a lot of wasted time and money. 

4. Remember to keep the customers needs at the forefront of all decisions.  Having the latest fancy bit of proptech is no good if your customers do not engage with it, or if its not a full integration.  I have seen examples of proptech companies offering integrations, where in reality the integration would just cause more frustration and confusion for the agents customers than if there had been no integration at all, the worst culprit of this was a WhatsApp integration that only allowed WhatsApp messages to be sent, any replies just vanished into the ether with no notifications to the customers that the messages had not been sent. 

5. Maintenance is essential.  All too often agents acquire the latest bit of proptech, get it set up and then forget about it.  It is important to keep an eye on the tech, is it still working the way you want it to? Are you still getting good customer engagement? Does it still represent your brand the way you want it to? I always suggest setting a meeting with yourself to do a quarterly review/preview session, it won’t take long but a couple of hours every three months could help to make sure your proptech keeps working the way you want it to. 

How can you avoid making mistakes?

Navigating the proptech arena can be challenging and daunting, how do you know you are buying the best bit of tech for your needs and how will it work with your existing systems? Here at Dezrez we want to help you with this challenge, we have great connections all over the industry and find ourselves in a unique position with feedback with some of the best agents around the UK and we want to share this best practice with all our clients. Even better we know how to integrate most of these systems so that you can minimise the need for double data entry and managing multiple systems and databases, imagine a market appraisal toolkit that integrates with an email nurture campaign, and an automated social media posting system and more, well with ReziPremium at the heart of your business this is what we can help to provide for you.

If you would like help reviewing your proptech, or for information on how Rezi can help you with automations and integrations then schedule an informal catch up with Dan here - Book time with Daniel Thomas: Proptech Review and Fact Find