Property Management Software to help you do more.

Property management is changing. dezrez has you covered.

With tenants and landlords expecting more than ever, your software stack needs to change to meet that challenge. Every aspect of your business can be improved with the promise of new technology. From screening and placing tenants faster, to managing your compliance better and drastically cutting down on your time managing accounts, dezrez helps you do more.

Property Management Software

More efficient.

Seamlessly integrate your lettings, property management and accounts in one platform. Gone are the days of needing to have different systems for each area of your business. By moving to one cutting edge platform you can save multiple subscription fees and simplify your business processes.

More automated.

You need powerful, automated workflows to do the heavy lifting for you. When you spend less time tracking what certificates to renew and when, you can spend more time speaking to tenants and landlords. When you know that machine learning will make your accounts take less time each month, you can focus on building your business rather than working in it. 

More happy tenants and landlords.

Your property management software should improve the user experience for your tenants and landlords so much that you get more positive reviews. Happy tenants stay longer and happy landlords list more properties. But more than that, having the right software raises your reputation, helping you to scale quicker.

More support.

Dezrez is more than a software company. We’re a whole team that is dedicated to your success. That’s why so many of our reviews mention our staff by name. From your dedicated onboarding manager to your day to day support reps. Dezrez is always here to help.

More trust.

Trusted by industry leaders and up and comers alike

Agencies managing their accounts

Tenancies advertised

jobs tracked


Do more 
with dezrez

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The features you need at every stage.

Every stage of your customers’ journey has the right features to ensure their experience is excellent and your workload is minimised. Dezrez helps you get tenants in home quicker, landlords paid more accurately and compliance managed more robustly. 

Full Access 
to Sales and Lettings

Our award winning sales and lettings solution helps you list and tenant your properties more efficiently than ever helping you get more properties under management.


Collect all the relevant information for the landlord, tenant and property prior to tenant occupancy. Pre-Tenancy puts you in control of negotiations to get the best results.

& Licenses

Get automatic notifications when  Client Money Protection, Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Inspections, Legionella Risk Assessments and Right to Rent need actioning. 


Manage your portfolio by easily planning property inspections from within your portal, ensuring all parties across multiple properties are kept informed and up-to-date.


See all outstanding property issues in one screen, making it easy to manage issues, maintenance items and track the progress of repairs within the property management software system.


Stay fully compliant with all government approved Client Money Protection (CMP) schemes and the latest client money legislation, giving your landlord and tenants peace of mind.


Automate your reconciliation, matching bank transactions with accounting records seamlessly. Reduce human error and  provide clients with accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Machine Learning Reconciliation

Only manually reconcile unmatched transactions once as the system uses machine learning to automatically reconcile the same transaction in future, allowing you to be more efficient over time.

Open Banking and Autopayments

Automate payments and access real-time financial data without leaving the portal or downloading any spreadsheets. Make your bank work with you rather than having to change your process to work with them.

Easy Task 

Track your tasks from all modules in one automatically generated task list with tasks that are linked to the tasks for easy navigation. 


Encrypt sensitive data by default, ensuring protection against breaches, with a full audit trail for accountability, allowing you to focus on revenue growth.

Retain Data As Long As You Need

Ensure your data stays with you indefinitely and is always accessible unchanged. We guarantee a seamless transition, giving you a fresh start with peace of mind.

With all of these features, dezrez property management is an all in one platform to streamline your property management workflow. It replaces traditional property management software as well as accounts and payments tools, allowing you to consolidate your operations and save yourself time and money. In fact, dezrez is the only cloud based property management platform to natively integrate open banking.

Do more with dezrez

Book a free demo to find out how you can do more of what matters in your property management agency.