Rezi  Release Notes

The Rezi Product is always improving to your needs, the following aims to provide additional details on how we are listening and improving Rezi based on your feedback.

4th July 2024

Property Details: We have resolved a minor bug which was preventing the Actions button on the write up from working.

18th June 2024

Property Location: We have resolved a bug which impacted the map view and the ability to pin points of interest on the map.

10th June 2024

Property Images: We have made a minor change to ensure the first image uploaded is always set to the default image for the said property.

4th June 2024

Hot List: We have made a minor UI tweak to rename Hot List to favourites.  This simply rewording hopefully helps better describe the feature and purpose. Both properties and people can now be added to the favourites by selecting the Favorite Star.

The favourite star for the property can be found in the top left by the address details:
property favorite

The people favourite star can be found in a similar location:
People favorite

The favourite selector is location in the right hand panel (for those using a small resolution, please click on your user icon in the top right).

When you select the Favorites option, it displays the favorited people and property.

favorites selected

3rd June 2024

Material Information:  We have released a change which has added a new Annual Service Charge field to Rezi. This field has been added to support the requirements of material information.

The field can be found by navigating to the Property,  Write Up tab, Descriptions  sub tab and then scrolling down to the Charges widget.

Charge widget

The value entered maps to the associated fields in Zoopla and OnTheMarket, we will be looking to map to Zoopla ASAP.  Additional material information fields will appear over the coming weeks.

MISC: We have made a number of minor changes and bug fixes. For more information please reach out to [email protected]

24th May 2024

Change Price:  We have resolved a visual bug which prevented the scroll bar from being displayed after the user views the Change Price dialog.

22nd May 2024

Auctions: We have made a small but significant change to the marketing of Sale properties.  We have introduced a new auctions checkbox, which allows the user to highlight the property is marketed for Auction. 

The new checkbox can be located in the 'Change Price' dialog:

Change Price

When checked, both RightMove and OnTheMarket will advertise the properties as an auction property.  Integration with Zoopla will be added by the end of quarter two.

In addition, our API users will now have this field available via the Web feed. This will allow you to incorporate auction properties into your own company website.

29th April 2024

Certificates & Licenses: We have released a change to support a new certificate type: Selective License. For more information around Selective Licenses, please see:

Add certificate option

Any certificate added in Rezi will also appear in Rezi PM.
16th April 2024

Boards:  When updating a board, you can tick a box to include or exclude a slip. We have resolved a bug which was preventing this change from being implemented.

4th April 2024

Rezi POST: We have resolved a issue where emails added to a template, was not being displayed in the generated document.
Notes: We had added the ability to edit Landlord, Company, Tenant, Tenancy and Property notes. To edit a note, select the pencil icon to the right of the note.

27th March 2024

Performance:  We have implemented a number of performance improvements with the Sales Applicants list.

21st March 2024

Sales Progression Notes: In certain instances, updating a note resulted in the creation of a second note.  We have resolved this going forward.

18th March 2024

Result List: We have resolved a issue where the filter "Exclude properties which have already been sent" was not always recognizing contact with customers and as a result, some customers were contacted on multiple occasions.

12th March 2024
Result List: I We have introduced a minor change to the flow of the results while using the back button.

Others: We have implemented a number of other minor changes.
1st Mar 2024

Result List:  We have introduced a minor change which ensures archived users do not appear in any searches for vendors, negs, purchase, landlords and tenants.

22nd Feb 2024

Notes: We have resolved a defect which resulted in a subset of user being presented with a infinite loading icon when they updated or edit a note. 

31st Jan 2024

31st Jan 2024

Portal Feed We introduced a fix which ensures the correct property type is sent to the property portals. The bug fix ensures when a user selects the property type of 'Retail Property(High Street)' within Rezi , the value 'Retail Property(High Street) '187' is sent to the property portal.

API Help: We have introduced a change which ensures the API Help website is available to our customer base. The API help provides a central location where users can see and review how the Dezrez APIs work.

Additionally, we have resolved an error which was preventing a API user form being able to 'api/customfield' endpoints. Customers can now use this endpoint to query customer user fields via the API.

23rd Jan 2024

23rd Jan 2024

Integrations We have introduced a new web-hook which is trigged at the point in time a new valuation is recorded. Web-hooks allows you to develop bespoke software solutions to extend Rezi capability. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact [email protected]

2023 Changes

4th December

4th December 2023

Leads:  We have implemented a change which allows Rezi to gather customer leads from Zoopla, OnTheMarket and Rightmove.  You no longer need to manually copy and paste customer details or leads details from emails into Rezi. Our leads engine checks for customer leads every 15 minutes. Once we have gathered your leads, they are made available within Rezi, so you and your team can manage and convert these leads from within your CRM. 

To Dos, one central location for leads

Converting a lead to a contact is simple and straight forward.  Simply, select the lead:

processing a lead

*Please note telephone and email address has been removed form image above.

From here you can convert the lead to a Rezi purchaser, vendor, or customer record. 

Requires Feedback Widget: We have resolved an issue with the 'Requires Feedback' dashboard widget. When you selected the Vendor notified checkbox, there was an UI issue, which made it appear your previously edited feedback notes were reverted. We have resolved this issue going forward.

Sales Progression:  From within the 'Revise Asking Price' dialog within the sales progression page, there was a defect which resulted in the purchases details not being correctly removed from the Sales property when the offer was rejected.  We have updated the functionality to resolve this defect and to also automatically direct the user into the fall through flow, when a offer is rejected.

Revise offer price dialog

29th November 2023

Group Search: We have implemented a fix which resolved a defect on a group, where editing the budget 'from' and 'to' fields and saving the new search. When viewing matches the previous searches results remain.

28th November 2023

Group -> Activity Timeline: We have resolve a bug which resulted in the checking of the Mailout option not being saved, when the user presses save to default.

Activity Timeline

22nd November 2023

Property Information:  We have introduced a UI change to the property page. When the user selects to start marketing a property,  a label and associated date is in the For Sale tab.  We hope, providing the start marketing date, provides key information at the point it is required and simplifies usage.

For sale tab showing marketing start date

16th November 2023

Diary:  We have fixed a defect, which resulted in the user having to re-apply the agenda view when booking an appointment. Now, when a user navigates to the diary and selects the agenda view as their default view, the same default setting are used viewing the diary via the appointment booking dialog.

7th November 2023

People:  We has resolved a issue which prevented a person from being selectable if they have the marketing settings of 'Do Not Contact'.

25th October 2023

Home Report (Scottish Agencies):  We have resolved the following defect relating to the home report valuation: 

When you go onto instructed sales property, on the instruction overview. The Home report should show next to the price, but it does not on first load.

23rd October 2023

View and Edit Group Styling:  Over the coming weeks we will be incrementally rolling out an update to the View and Edit Group screen. The aim of the UI changes is to provide more UI space for you to view customer details and to align the like and feel with the property pages.

Full width Groups dialog

22nd October 2023

Styling:  We have updated the Rezi styling to make best use of UI space.  We have removed the left  and right empty columns. For example, the dashboards now use the full available width:

Full width Rezi dashboard

EPC:  We have added support for the generation of EPC for commercial properties in England and Wales.

Commercial EPC

Property Viewings: We have resolved a bug that resulted in the wrong negotiator being displayed when you create a property viewing.

Property Search:  we have resolved a issue within the property search. When a user selected a location for the search, it was not updating the display to show it as selected.

9th October 2023

Data Migration from DR1:  A data fix has been implemented for customers who migrated from DR1 to Rezi. Sales properties migrated from DR1 are being assigned a PriceType of "Flat Price" incorrectly.

29th September 2023

Date Last Contacted: We have resolved a bug that resulted in the days since last contacted being displayed as Never, within the people list.
people list
Change property Owner: We have resolved a minor bug with the Change Property Owner functionality.

20th September 2023

20th September  2023

Performance Improvement:  It was identified that when a user creates a new letting property search, there are excessive API calls to the Agency and Region endpoints.  We have made changes to ensure only the required API calls are made.

15th September 2023

15th September  2023

Password Reset:  It has been identified, a number of customers were unable to use the password reset functionality within Rezi.  We have made a change to ensure this works for all.

Options to reset password

13th September 2023

13th September  2023

Property Portals:  We have resolved a bug that resulted in the UPDATE_DATE not being sent across to the property portal when the property had an offer accepted.

Rezi POST & Generate Pack: We have resolved a defect where the search (within the generate pack dialog) was not correctly searching across multiple pages.

7th September 2023

7th September  2023

Rezi POST: We have released a bug fix, that ensures the merge fields («PROP_salesfeevalue» «PROP_salesfeevat» «PROP_salesfeetotal») when used for a address which has multiple for sale or lettings properties.

1st September 2023

28th August to 1st September  2023

People List: We have resolved a defect which meant people who did have a search preference, were not being returned when using the 'Has Search' filter the People List.

Sales Progression: We have resolved an issue which resulted in the magnifying glass being un-useable. We have also resolved a defect which meant when an externally advertised property was added to the sales progression, a corresponding offer of £0 was added.

Offers: We have resolved an issue within Offers, which meant the offer price was being reverted to a previous set value.

Dairy: When a 'Day Off' appointment was created for multiple days, it could in limited circumstances span an additional day. We have resolved this issue.

Property Portal: We have updated the Web Portal Feed to include the values associated with local authority band.

16th August 2023

16th August  2023

People List: We have resolved a defect which meant people who did have a search preference, were not being returned when using the 'Has Search' filter the People List.

2nd August 2023

2nd August  2023

Web Hooks: We have resolved a defect which meant the InboundLeadCreatedSubscriptionNotification web hook was not being fired when a lead is created.

31st July 2023

31st July  2023

Rezi POST & Pre-instruction fee: We have updated the Rezi POST field VALU_preinstructionfee  to now support pre-instruction fees for Letting properties.

25th July 2023

25th July  2023

Single Property Send: You can now send any property to any person. This could be used to showcase your latest properties or to tailor a list of applicants or investors with opportunities. Click the link to see a guide on how to use our new feature. 
Please see the following link for more details.

25th July 2023

25th July  2023

Property Searches:  We have released a fix which ensures when you populate search criteria as part of creating/editing a person, this search criteria is available via the Person details page.
Twitter support: We have implemented a fix that ensures the Twitter integration works as you would expect.   Twitter integration is available from the actions menu on the property page.
    View the tweet dialog.

Valuation Appointments: We have resolved an issue within Valuation Appointments. Previously, in some limited cases, if you updated a Valuation appointment, it would hide the vendor details from the appointment.

6th July 2023

6th July  2023

Notes & Activities   We have made a bug fix, that resolves: 

An applicant that has been attached to a Lettings property via an accepted offer will have notes displaying on their timeline that have been added to the property

15th June 2023

15th June 2023

Property Hub:   We have made a bug fix, which ensures the updated location pin information from within the property write up is pushed to the property portals.

14th June 2023

14th June 2023

Rezi POST: We have resolved the following bug: when confirming timeline activity using the Generate Pack Wizard/Modal, the applicant that has submitted the offer is missing from Timeline Event
Viewings: We have resolved the following bug: Notes added to a Viewing Feedback when using the Requires Reporting List does not leave a note on the viewing event.

31st May 2023

31st May 2023

Rezi Premium Users:  We have released a change which now adds the event associated with the marketing of Letting properties to the web hooks.  This means, you can now create custom integrations which allow you to trigger actions on the marketing of a letting property.

31stMay 2023

31st May 2023

Sales Progression:  We have made a change that ensures withdrawn properties can still be added to the property chain.

Snippet of the sales progression page from within Rezi. Displaying the sales mile stone information

17th May 2023

17th May 2023

Property Features: When inputting property features, it was identified the auto-complete was incorrectly creating the incorrect feature. We have implemented released a change to resolve this issue.
Completed or Exchanged Property:  Within the Sales Progression page for a completed or exchanged property, there was an option that allowed a user to mark the property as fall through/withdrawn.   This scenario was not valid and as such, we have removed the option for Completed or Exchanged properties.
Brochures: We have introduced a dialog that informs the user they are attempting to email a brochure that exceeds the allowed size.
Fees & Negotiators: There was a defect that was preventing the user from being able to update the instructing negotiator for a given property. We have implemented a fix for this defect.

27th April 2023

27th  April 2023

Diary:  It has been identified in some instances the diary was not showing previously booked appointments, we have made a change which ensures appointments are always displayed.  This includes the dairy view when booking a valuation, general appointment and viewing.

Property Write up:  Within the EPC sub tab there was a Actions button which presented a Create EPC option, which when click, did not perform any action.  We have removed this dead link.  Please note, you can still generate the EPC Image using the Details section on the screen.
 EPC screen within the write up tab within Rezi

Customer Matches: Rezi provides the ability to match customers to protentional properties, e have identified and fixed a issue where the count presented for matched customers, differed from the number of customers actually displayed.
 A screen showing the matching tab within Rezi
Valuation appointments:  Cancelled valuation appointments were causing the property to state “Previously valued” when adding another valuation appointment. We have implemented a fix for this issue.
Property Search:  In some instances the Owning Branch linked with the property was incorrectly displayed within the property search. We have implemented a fix for thsi issue.
Property Details: In certain scenarios the save button which allowed you to save changes to the acreage associated with a property, did not appear,. We have nresolved thsi issue.
 Snippet of the overview tab, showing the Amenities information in edit mode
Rezi POST & Property Fees: A small number of customers have experienced a issue when trying to display the valuation fees within a Rezi POST template. We have implemented a fix for this.
Rezi POST & Appointments: We have implemented a change which ensures the event date associated with the appointment always appears.
Property Details - Viewing Tab: We have identified and implemented a number of performance improvements in relation to the Viewing tab. Some customers reported when there are 10+  viewings, the tab can appear to be slow loading.

5th - 26th April 2023

Rezi POST:  There was a defect which was preventing a snapshot of the Google Map location from being displayed within a Rezi POST notification. You can now use the merge field 'prop_google' within your letters or emails to “return a snapshot of the google map for the property's location”. 

4th April 2023

4th April 2023

Pre-Tenancy Hub & Sales Progression:  We have resolved a bug where the checklist on the sub tabs were not saving or presenting in a consistent order. 
Displaying the information presented on the Money ta, from within the Pre-Tenancy hub screen within Rezi.

29th March 2023

29th March 2023

Pre-Tenancy Hub:  We have implemented a change which ensures the Money Check-list appears for all users. In some scenarios, the check-list was being hidden.
If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to [email protected].

28th March

28th March 2023

Diary - Calendar Sync: We have resolved an error where the sidebar advises that “your account has not been set up correctly for Calendar Sync”, however, this is not the case.
If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to [email protected].

10th March 2023

10th March 2023

Sales Progression:  Taking onboard feedback from a number of customers we have made a number of minor changes to the Sales Progression page.  The aim of the changes are to improve consistency with other areas of the product and to also reduce the likely hood accidental pressing of buttons. Please see summary of changes below:
- Options to Revise offer price and change predicted dates, is now available from within the Actions menu.
 Display of the action menu within Rezi
- We have removed the large plus icons and added specific buttons for the Add Vendor and Purchase's Contacts. We have also updated the styling of the headers and made minor alignment changes on the details.  
New Locations:
  Snippet of the Rezi screen showing sales progression information
- We have also moved the location of the Reset milestone button, to prevent the accidental clicking of the button.  The reset milestone functionality is now available by the action menu identified above.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to [email protected].

6th March 2023

6th March 2023

Dairy:  In some limited circumstances, the user was unable to confirm valuation appointments. We have released a change which resolves this matter.

23rd Feb 2023

23rd Feb 2023

Settings & Preferences:  We have introduced back-end changes to improve the stability and performance of the Billing section within Settings & Preferences.  The billing section can be used to view and manage the allocation of file storage for your agency.
Showing the document storage information from within the Admin centre for rezi.

22nd Feb 2023

22nd Feb 2023

Property Marketing: We have identified and resolved a defect which result in the unexpected enabling of the Unique Marketing Preferences, when the user uploaded a MISC document.

21st Feb 2023

21st Feb 2023

Property Marketing:  It has been identified that some customers are experiencing unexpected errors when uploading virtual tours which are in excess of 250MB.  To improve stability of the Rezi product, we have imposed a file upload size of 250MB.  When a user uploads a virtual tour file in excess of 250MB they will be presented with the following dialog:
 Image Warning message on file size
If you experience constraints with this file limit please reach out to the support team and we can advise alternative approaches, which result in better performance.

29th Jan 2023

29th Jan 2023

Pre-Tenancy Hub: Simplifying and improving is one of our main corporate principles. Taking this into consideration, we've made a big update that allows you to upload numerous tenancy documents at once. Drag and drop your property, landlord, and tenant paperwork from your computer to Rezi.
When you navigate to the pre-tenancy hub, you will find a new Actions menu option called 'Bulk document upload'.
 Action menu expanded

Once selected you are taken to the Bulk Upload Documents screen.  From here, you simply need to drag and drop documents from your PC into the correct areas.  
 Buk document upload screen

Once you have completed selecting and uploading your documents, they will appear against the tenancy as expected.  No fuss and no excess clicks.

26th Jan 2023

26th Jan 2023

Diary: Following feedback from the users, we have implemented a new checkbox to the diary.  This checkbox will control the display of people and their associated appointments. When unchecked (default) appointments for users who are inactive are not displayed.  If checked, appointments for users who are inactive are displayed.
 Snippet of the diary showing the people selected.

Branch Performance Report: A defect has been resolved which means the report now shows the correct number of calls.

25th Jan 2023

26th Jan 2023

Property Portals: We have updated the Rezi  to send the material information presented by the local authority information to both the Rightmove and HomeFlow property portals. Please note, we are in the process of updating our other property portals to include this information.
 Snippet of the overview tab showing the council tax information
If the property is Mainland UK, then the value is taken from the Council Tax Band field, however for Northern Ireland the band amount is used for the Domestic Rate Amount.

3rd Jan 2023

3rd Jan 2023

Pre-tenancy Hub: If you are a user of both Rezi and Rezi PM, you can now access the corresponding Rezi PM Tenancy directly from within Rezi Pre-Tenancy hub. This will make it easier to navigate between both products.
 Expanded actions menu

TAB 42

Older Changes

24th November 2022

24th November 2022 

Settings & Preferences: Some users were experiencing a 'Connection refused' error when you try and make an amendment to a negotiator Job title in settings and preferences, we have identified the root cause and have implemented a fix for this issue.

16th November 2022

16th November 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the text on the valuation tab to display the correct information when a valuation has been performed on a property.
Image showing the property hub tab headings

14 November 2022

14th November 2022 

Pre-tenancy: We have resolved an issue where removing a landlord from a group of landlords (specifically for a property for let) is not reflected within the pre-tenancy screen.

2nd November 2022

2nd November 2022 

Dairy: A very limited number of users have experienced issues within the dairy, where the allocated contact details were incorrect.  We have made a change to resolve this issue.

28th October 2022

28th October 2022 

Address: We have implemented a code change which resolved a bug which prevented the use of a non-UK postcode.

14th October 2022

14th October2022 

Diary: We have introduce a change which ensures the diary summary view is ordered by the appointment start date.

28th June 2022

28th June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the UI design of the Photo and Brochure tabs used within both the For Sale and For Let tabs. The hope is the change of design will help align the look and feel of property hub. This change includes improvement to the aspect ratio of the photo thumbnails and also minor changes to the ability to amend photo descriptions. 

Setting & Preferences : We have added the ability to change the Contact name for a Negotiator. This will now allow for updating of the negotiators name to be less formal i.e. you can remove the Mr/Mrs.

Edit user screen from within  Rezi Admin

21st June 2022

21st June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the UI design of the Overview section used within both the For Sale and For Let tabs. The hope is the change of design will help align the look and feel of property hub.

16th June 2022

16th June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the styling used within the Documents tab to follow the same styling as photos and brochures. We hope the UI changes will help align the look and feel of the product.  There was no  change to the logic or functionality which supports documents.

We have also resolved a minor UI issue which on occasions could have prevented the use of the menu buttons associated with a document.
14th June 2022

14th June 2022 

Property Hub: We have updated the styling of the Virtual Tours tab to follow the same styling as the rest of the property hub.  No changes to existing functionality.

Virtual tour tab within the Write up section within Rezi

Diary: In some limited instances, users were being presented within incorrect contact details within the diary summary. This has now been resolved.
Marketing Price: We have resolved a defect which resulted a small number of properties having their asking price reverted to the marketing price.

10th June 2022

10th June 2022 

People: Following the feedback given in the community forum we had added the non binary title value 'MX' and the gender option 'Not specified'. Over the coming weeks we will also be looking to implement non-binary icons.
Add client details screen
Diary: In some limited instances, users were unable to add and/or remove inactive users from the view for the Diary. This has now been resolved.
Tenancy: We have resolved a defect which was preventing some users from being able to end a Tenancy.

7th June 2022

7th June 2022 

Unique Marketing Preference: The aim of the Unique Marketing Preference (UMP) is to provide the ability to override specific property details when you have multiple properties for sale or properties or for let against the same address.  To help illustrate the purpose, we have updated the UMP to styling to reflect this.

Unique marketing preference information
The UMP is enabled if the address has multiple active properties. For 99% of all user needs we expect the writeup tab to be used to store and manage the property details.

Owning Negotiator & Owning Branch:
As a result of customer feedback, we have introduced a new panel to the overview sections, within both the Let Agreed and For Sale tabs.  This introduces the ability to change the Owning Negotiator and Owning Branch without the need to navigate to another menu. Once a change has been made to either value, a save button will appear which allows for storing of the new details. Previously the user would have needed to navigate to the Actions menu and then select the Fees & Negotiator option (this option still remains the same).

For sales overview page within Rezi

Diary: In certain edge case scenarios the unattended viewings and appointments were not visible within the Diary.  This has now been resolved.

We have updated the styling used within the Write Up / Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) tab to match the property hub pages. The functionality itself remains the same.

EPC page for a For Sale property within Rezi

Location: We have updated the styling used within the Write Up / Location tab to match the property hub pages and to highlight the Points of Interest feature. Points of Interest allows you to quickly and easily see the distances of key landmarks. 
Property location for a For Sale property within Rezi
25th May 2022

25th May 2022 

Property Hub -> Marketing/Brochure Tab: 

Taking on user feedback we have changed the styling and simplified the Marketing.  The Unique marketing preferences have moved to the Overview tab (with other marketing options) and the tab has been renamed to Brochures.

Overview Tab Following Change:

Overview Tab Following Change

Marketing Tab Following Change:
Marketing Tab Following Change

Property Hub -> Write Up Tab: 

We have re-instated the Sync description option. From within the Writeup tab, you are now presented with the Actions Menu, within here you can select the copy description menu option.  This improved UI provides you with the ability to re-uses descriptions and features set against different marketing properties against the same address.

Button Location:

  Write up tab showing location of actions button.

Copy Description Dialog:

Add a property write up dialog displaying property details.


We have resolved two separate defects which prevented the display of the appointments within the summary display and also the display of all day appointments. 

Minor UI Bugs: We have implemented various other minor UI bugs, including but not limited to the tab order used within the Room Descriptions.

Property Hub ->  Notes of Interest: 

Resolve a defect which resulted in the display of the date a NOI was created, instead of the date which the Offer was created as a result of NOI. Please note, this is specific to the Scottish region.

16th May 2022

Property Hub: Add the ability to copy property description and features from a historical or withdrawn listing.

Property Portal: Resolve a defect which prevented changes to a properties furnishing level from being passed into the portal.

10th May 2022

Property Hub:  We have listened to your feed back and made some UI changes to simplify the screens used to market a property.  Both the Features and Description sub tabs have been merged into one tab - Description.

9th May 2022

Tenancy Management:  We have identified and resolved an issue which was preventing some users from the ending of certain tenancies.