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Make the most of every conveyancing opportunity thanks to Rezi's seamless integration with Dezrezlegal. Save time, work more efficiently and earn £100s from every completion!
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Discover the Rezi & Dezrezlegal integration

Rezi software has seamlessly integrated with Dezrez's sister company, Dezrezlegal, providing agents with the opportunity to earn hundreds of pounds in revenue from every completion, while also becoming more efficient and reducing the number of transactions you're required to chase. 

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What is the Rezi & Dezrezlegal integration?

In short, Rezi's integration with Dezrezlegal allows you to easily refer customers for a conveyancing estimate right from within the Rezi CRM system.

Agents can view real-time updates on major milestones in the conveyancing journey against each customer, property, and in an easy to access central list.
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WATCH: Dezrezlegal in Rezi

Our integration helps you save time sales progressing and spend more time building relationships with customers. You can monitor and report on referral performance of your team, and even easily identify missed revenue opportunities within your CRM.

Watch our video demonstration of the integration to learn more about the system, or get in touch today for a personal demo from our team... 
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Why use the integration?

  • More efficient sales progressing & a more targeted approach.
  • Maximise revenue from the conveyancing opportunity stream.
  • Build an effective relationship with a specialist conveyancing firm, whilst making the most of what technology can offer.
  • Add value to customer by integrating milestones into Rezi Anytime.
  • Happier customers and faster transactions.
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Dezrezlegal dashboard in Rezi
Dezrezlegal dashboard in Rezi

Enhance your agency

Our integration with Dezrezlegal solves many problems that you face.
  • We reduce the number of transactions you need to chase with more targeted sales progression.
  • The system allows for a better working relationship with the conveyancer.
  • You can highlights missed opportunities and pick up the missed revenue.
  • Record the referral performance of the team and identify those who may need more training or who are missing revenue opportunity.
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