Support Services Policy

Support and Fault Resolution

The Customer must:- 
  • keep all of its own systems and hardware fully up to date at all times, in accordance with the minimum system and hardware specification published by the Supplier from time to time and ensure they are compatible with all enhancements and updates made to the Services
  • ensure that all its employees and staff using the Services have an appropriate level of knowledge and competency in using the Services and have a full understanding and knowledge of all laws and regulations and good practice governing the sale and letting of residential properties and other functions for which the Services are intended.
  • install and use in substitution for the previous release any updates, new releases, new versions or modification by the Supplier of the Services within 30 days of receipt of the same;

Any service problems experienced by the Customer should be reported to the Supplier’s systems administrator or acting designate by email, telephone or other channel as advised by the Supplier.

The Customer must provide as much detailed information as possible when reporting a problem, including:

  • Description of problem
  • Symptoms reported
  • Investigations/Fixes already attempted
  • Date and time when problem was detected
  • Additional information as requested

Outside Normal Business Hours, the Licensee will restrict reporting of problems to priority one service failures.

The Supplier will use its reasonable commercial endeavours to repair faults (where those faults occur on Software or Services  under the control of the Company) within the target timescales in the table below. The target timescales are to be treated as estimates only and time shall not be deemed to be of the essence.  The company reserves the right to deploy fixes at a time of its choosing and its own discretion and within a reasonable time frame.

In cases where a fault lies on platforms, networks or systems that are outside the Supplier’s control (including but not limited to Microsoft Azure) the Supplier will liaise with the third party provider in order to expedite the resolution of the fault, and the timescales set out below shall not apply.

The Customer shall use its best endeavours to provide the Supplier with any access that it may require to the Customer system and in particular in respect of any repairs carried out by the Supplier on a remote basis, and shall promptly address and repair any issues that arise with its own hardware, systems and telecoms supplier.

Elapsed Hours

0 - 4 hours  0 - 24 hours 0 - 48 hours Reasonable endeavour to resolve fault within 7 days
 Priority OnePriority Two Priority Three Priority Four