Rezi Enterprise: 
Software for Enterprise Estate Agencies

Made for Enterprise-grade Real Estate Agency Businesses. 
Rezi Enterprise has been specifically designed with enterprise estate agency networks in mind.  Automate and integrate your existing business processes with cloud-based estate agency software built for multi-branch estate agents.  

​API-Led Software for Enterprise Estate Agents

Your estate agency transformation explained in a few minutes.
Rezi Enterprise is your all-in-one software solution for your estate agency. With seamless onboarding and scalable infrastructure, our powerful Dezrez Core platform enables and encourages the growth of your business through comprehensive open API software.  

Create a bespoke user experience for your clients and staff, and elevate the way that your enterprise estate agency operates. Enable your agents to harness the potential of comprehensive CRM software when selling and letting properties. Rezi has the capability to encompass your CRM activities, property management and data insights, reducing the time spent on hefty administrative processes and maximising your agents' productivity.

Cloud Is Just The Beginning...

Say farewell to traditional servers, Rezi’s cloud based architecture allows complete flexibility for your enterprise estate agency. Offer your clients an improved service and streamline your agent's workflows using estate agency software that is completely customisable and scalable to your business needs - including automation, integrations with third-parties, customisable dashboards, portal uploads, and much more! 

Corporate scalability

Rezi Enterprise estate agency software is flexible, enabling growth on a global scale. Improving collaboration across departments and branches worldwide accounting for the growth of your real estate business has never been easier. 

A strong core platform

Powered by our unique open API technology, Dezrez Core, Rezi streamlines connectivity between company applications and devices, with industry-standard encryption and complete data protection.

Infinite integration possibilities 

Rezi offers unlimited connectivity potential to integrate with existing systems and third-party partners. Use our modern estate agent software that works around your existing framework and streamlines your workflows to help you improve efficiency. 

Event-driven automation 

Don't just automate business processes, use Rezi to rapidly respond to your organisation's actions and events in real-time as they occur. Thanks to our integrations, your agents will be able to complete many daily tasks automatically using code-free triggers!

​Corporate Scalability

Cloud-based software

Using cloud-based software, Rezi enables you to work on-the-go. All your agents need is an internet connection to be seamlessly connected to the rest of your agency, whether working from home, on the road, or during property viewings.

Reduce hardware costs

Eliminate the need for local servers and greatly reduce your network’s hardware outlay. Switching to our adaptable open API software usefully minimises administrative bottom line costs and streamlines the sales process.

A secure system

With Rezi, a disaster will not affect the security of your data. Dezrez Core is hosted by Microsoft Azure, so you can rest assured that your data is protected by global security standards and industry-standard encryptions.  
Rezi Core Open API

​A strong Core platform

Rezi is powered by Dezrez Core API Tech, our unique, secure REST API technology designed to connect with your existing systems and devices. Focus on providing your clients with the best service throughout the sales process by allowing your estate agents software to take care of the many day-to-day processes, without upending how your business operates.  

Cross platform integration

Dezrez Core accepts secure HTTP requests allowing you to safely integrate with an infinite range of applications across many platforms, including mobile apps. 

Endless possibilities

With a thorough catalogue of existing endpoints and limitless integration opportunities, our estate agent software provides the building blocks that open your agency to a new world of business development opportunities.

Customised for your environment

Every enterprise estate agency has its own unique set of business processes. Rezi & Dezrez Core are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your current technology setups, optimising and automating what works for your agency specifically. 

Infinite Integrations

Utilise hundreds of third-party integrations within Rezi estate agency software

With an incredible market of potential apps to integrate with, our estate agency software enables infinite combinations of workflows and useful in-software functions. Utilise the capabilities of our established integration partners to optimise every aspect of your property sales process. 
And if you're a letting agent managing properties on behalf of landlords, Rezi's sales and letting software also seamlessly integrates with ReziPM for all of your property management needs. 

Our open API allows two-way communication between Rezi and any third-party external application, allowing you to trigger external applications in an event-driven manner, as and when you need to. Want to learn more about our third-party integrations? Discover our offering below.

Rezi Integration Possibilities
Rezi estate agency software

Corporate strategy building

Rezi Enterprise, one of our many estate agency software packages, enables your real estate business access to complete business empowerment packages with our consultancy services. 

With decades of experience in the real estate industry, our team of consultants can provide support and advice on strategies to implement into your real estate business. Consulting opportunities are provided to ensure that our customers can make the most of their investment in technology. Specifically, we help estate agents to deliver improvements in their business by applying our technical and industry knowledge to their business and then making recommendations on next steps. 

To ensure the smooth transition of implementing your new estate agent software, we provide a dedicated project manager to aid your agency through the adaption process, to ensure maximization of the software and process transformation.

It’s Time To Transform Your Agency Network...

Say goodbye to servers, manual business processes and embrace high-quality automated estate agency management. Harness the potential of estate agency software to automate workflows and integrate advanced technology into your day-to-day, optimising client experience and maximising your agent's time. 

Enhance your estate agency's ability to sell and let properties efficiently and productively by taking advantage of Rezi Enterprise today - software built for multi-branch enterprise estate agents. 

Not sure if Rezi Enterprise is the right estate agency software for you? Take a look at our other Rezi CRM software packages today or download our free e-book for more information on each version of Rezi. At Dezrez, we offer flexible software solutions for powering real estate businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-branch agencies.