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    Get the latest industry insights, product news and tips for growing your estate agency. Hear from our experts their advice for standing out in today's competitive market.

Rezi Resources: News & Features

Get the latest industry insights, product news and tips for growing your estate agency. Hear from our experts their advice for standing out in today's competitive market.
Rezi Leads Interceptor Tool
Rezei Anytime

Rezi Anytime.
Work On-The-Go

Rezi anytime is a secure customer login area enabling Vendors and Buyers to view and interact with Rezi property data relevant to them 24/7...

Mental Well Being

The Importance of Mental Well Being 

Your mental well-being is important. Read our top tips and listed industry contacts, focused on making a difference...

Viewing Confirmation

Viewing Confirmation - Stay a Step Ahead

Experiencing a rise in no shows? It's not just frustrating, it costs money and it upsets our vendors and landlords. Take a look at how we can help...

Lead Generation

Effective Email Nurture Campaigns

The Benefits of sending effective email nurture campaign automatically to prospects or customers...


Customer Touch Points

As a business we want more people to choose our product or service and we want them to be happy with their choice... 


Working Together - The Art of Collaboration

Collaboration between conveyancers and estate agents is crucial for delivering a smooth and successful property transaction...


Viewing Feedback - 
Take the Pain Away

Reduce the amount of juggling you need to do to do and keep your vendors up to date in real-time with automated feedback straight to your CRM...

Lead generation

Importance Of Consistency In Estate Agent Lead Generation

In today's digital age, estate agents and letting agents are always looking for new ways to generate leads...

Introduction to Lead generation

Introduction To Lead Generation

As an estate agent it is going to be even more important this year to generate quality online leads. Here is how Rezi Leads Interceptor Tools can help... 

Get Paid Your Commission At The Point Of Sale

Dezrez have partnered with GOTO Group to provide estate agents with access to a service which pays out commission within 4 weeks of agreeing a sale...

Digital Signatures

Fully integrated with Rezi, Signable is now an enhanced feature of Rezi Post - a tool in itself that offers far more than you might realize, you can learn more...

Revolutionize Your Property Management

Dashboards provide an overview of key performance indicators related to a property or portfolio of properties across the business...

Stay On Your Top Of Properties Safety Certificates And Licences

Property Management can be incredibly time consuming. The trick, is to ease  that pain point by finding more... 

What Is Automated Email Nurture Campaign?

An automated email nurture campaign is a series of emails that are sent automatically to prospects or customers over a period of time...

Bank Integration-Sounds Good, But What Does It Mean For Us?

Estate agents are always on the go, juggling multiple tasks and dealing with a range of activities each day... 

Help Your Agency Stand Out From The Competition 

Rezi anytime is a secure customer login area built on the Rezi API which gives your Vendors and Buyers.. 

Incredible New Features Of Rezi Premium

We are super excited to be able to announce the launch of an exciting new feature within ReziPremium that will help you manage your leads...

Make Communicating With Your Conveyancer Childs Play

In today’s competitive housing market, the importance of a conveyancing lawyer...

CRM Juggling Can Be A Thing of The Past with Rezi Software

Something I hear all the time from agents is that they are tired of using two or even three CRM solutions...

Have You Dreamt Of  One CRM For Sales & Property Management 

As an estate agent, managing your sales, lettings, and property management...

Customise Rezi to Work Your Way!

Well you can! Thanks to Rezi Premium Professional service you no longer have to work the way your CRM makes you work..

Asking For Price Adjustments-Guest Blog From Simon Gates

Without doubt 2023 is going to be a very different year to the busy couple of years most estate agents have experienced...

    Custom Forms and Fields Within Sales and Letting agents Software

As a Rezi Premium customer you will have access to our custom forms and fields options

5 Reasons to use Rezi PM

ReziPM is our property management software designed specifically for property managers to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. 

Housing Market Report April 2023

Welcome to our housing market report for April 2023, early spring optimism appears to now have translated into real activity for many agents around the UK,

What do you Really Want From Your Recommended Conveyancer

Communication, communication, communication is the feedback from our agent network.

5 Of The Biggest Proptech Mistakes Estate Agents Make

Technology has had a major impact on the estate agency industry over the last few year...

2023 - A Year Of Opportunities

As the UK faces a period of sustained economic uncertainty, it is essential for businesses...

Content Creation, Blogs and Newsletters

As an estate agent, you know that the best way to find new clients is to nurture your existing relationships. 

Earn Money From Your Conveyancing Referrals

If you would like to generate significant additional revenue from your conveyancing referrals...

Integrated AML check with Rezi & Credas

Thanks to our partnership with Credas agents can now order AML checks and store reports directly within Rezi.

Data Mining in real estate

Data Mining in Real Estate

Data mining is a powerful tool for your real estate business. Here’s how to use it effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

Vendor Reporting with Rightmove Statistics

. You can easily and quickly share a detailed report with your clients that will give them...

New Branding & Marketing Services

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest Rezi services designed to help our clients stand out..

What is Rezi Premium?

In this two minute read we will explore the benefits of using Rezi Premium our powerful CRM software solution  

Automatically Add Properties to Social Media 

Save time through automation with Rezi Premium's tools for posting properties and property updates to social media 

Using Facebook as a Sales Funnel

As the market toughens learn the value of using Facebook to increase your share of market and drive leads

What Can Rezi Do To Help?

As the market toughens learn how you can rely on Rezi to work more efficiently and win more instructions

Automatically Add Properties to Social Media 

Save time through automation with Rezi Premium's tools for posting properties and property updates to social media 

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