Automatically add properties to social media with just one click thanks to Rezi Premium

Not everyone thinks estate agents should share their new listings on Social Media - in this two minute read I will explain why I believe they should and how Rezi can even do it for you!

There are some marketing experts around who believe our followers on social media are not interested in just seeing post after post of new listings, sales agreed or price re-alignments, they claim that it turns people off our brand.  However I disagree.  Research has shown that people buy from people and brands that they know, like and trust.  This is one of the reasons celebrity endorsements work so well, if Nike is good enough for Michael Jordan then surely they are good enough for all aspiring basketball players?  And this is why posting about your new instructions, sales or lets agreed is not just a good idea but essential and must be a part of your long term marketing strategy.  You see every time you list a house on Facebook around 10% of your followers are likely to see it, now if they are following you they are either your friend from school, your Mom or they are looking to buy, sell or rent a property in your area.  If they have a beautiful four bed detached in the best part of town and they are thinking of selling, every time you post a new instruction of a nice new house similar to theirs that your are marketing, they will begin to identify with you and see your brand as one the connect with.  When they see you posting about sales agreed, then they will certainly start to think of you as the agent of choice for their home.

But remembering to post every time you list a new home, get a price reduction, have a sale fall through and have to re-list, or every time an offer is accepted or a sale completed is not just tricky it is down right time consuming.

So how can Rezi help?

Glad you asked that! Well with ReziPremium we are able to set up an automated workflow using our integration with Zapier that will not only post to social media for you, it will even watermark the photos automatically.  It is that simple.

All you need to do is work with our team to get things set up in your Zapier account and then sit back and watch the magic happen! 

There are a few examples below, but if you'd like to talk to us about how this works, or any other Rezi Premium features please feel free to get in touch.