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GoTo Auctions | An innovative online platform for buying and selling property, with experts to support you every step of the way.    

 "Speed up the property buying and selling process with GOTO Groups streamline and comprehensive range of services. An industry first platform in UK & Ireland for estate agents to utilise online property auctions." 

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Key benefits of Online Auctions...

​GOTO Group create a more accessible, transparent and easy to use platform for agents when dealing with traditional and private sales

With virtual auctions the sales pipeline is sped up for both agents and buyers/ sellers. 

Online auctions are the preferred method of auctions for buyers / sellers in todays market. Online auctions create a larger market place, gathering more interest and action than traditional actions.

"GOTO offer a mutli-faceted property service, meaning estate agents can complete the sales pipeline all under one roof."

How GOTO Auction platform enhances the sales pipeline...

Speeds up Completion – 56 days to completion from draft contract being received 

Cost Security – buyer pays non-refundable buyer’s premium to secure property, therefore resulting in 96% completion rate from agreed sale

No Hidden Charges – there is no additional cost to selling via auction 

Easy Property Valuations – a chartered surveyor will carry out a desktop valuation on the property, and provide an up to date market appraisal. A compelling starting price is then set to generate interest. The market will then dictate what the property is worth.

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