AML Check Pricing

We offer multiple types of AML checks within Rezi, which include basic address and date of birth checks, as well as sophisticated biometric facial recognition identity checks. Here, we explain each type and list their prices. 

Types of AML Checks

Standard AML Check

Standard AML

ID Verification Check

This incudes a liveness check, ID document authentication check, and a biometric facial recognition check. 

Address/Date of Birth/Mortality

This includes an address check (electoral roll & credit header), date of birth check, mortality check (against HALO database to confirm fraud isn't taking place).

Pricing: £4.50 (+VAT) Per Standard Check

Enhanced AML

ID Verification Check & Address/DOB/Mortality

Enhanced AML checks include all of the above, as well as the additional checks listed below.

PEPS and Sanctions

This includes a Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS) check and sanctions list check. We combine these into one single check, referred to as a PEPS & Sanctions check 

Pricing: £6.50 (+VAT) Per Enhanced Check

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