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Complete tenant referencing checks with ease using Checkboard & Rezi.

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Rezi & Checkboard - Property Screening
Checkboard & Rezi Summary

About Checkboard

Checkboard verifies everything you want to know about an individual. Checkboard promises:
  • Getting rid of the manual work.
  • Completing all your necessary checks in one platform.
  • A platform built to make property professionals’ life easier.
The best thing about Checkboard is that all the checks can be requested directly from a single platform. The process starts with a magic link that will allow your clients and applicants through to complete the necessary checks in 5 simple steps. 

Once the steps are done, the estate agent will receive a comprehensive report on their dashboard.
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Seller, Buyer, Landlord and Tenant

Why is Checkboard all you need?

Checkboard has been designed to provide accuracy at speed.

It is the only platform, in which you can swiftly run checks for sales and lettings, removing the need to swap from one software provider to another, or having to run some checks manually.
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Checkboard & Rezi Property Checks

How does the Checkboard and Rezi integration work?

Efficient background checks are what all property professionals are looking for, there is plenty of options and services out there. However, nothing will compare to the association between Checkboard and Rezi.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what you can do...
  • Import property details from your CRM. 
  • Get a tenant referencing check. 
  • Run unlimited checks for only £8 ex-VAT per property.
  • Receive the report in your Rezi dashboard or straight to your email.
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