Coadjute & Rezi Software Integration
Coadjute and Dezrez Estate Agency Software

The Coadjute and Rezi integration

Coadjute is a real-time network designed to improve the property transaction process for everyone. Coadjute connects the systems property professionals already use, enabling a fully digital property market.

The Coadjute network is built with a bank-grade form of blockchain, trusted by leading financial institutions the world over.  Buyers and sellers benefit from greater transparency than ever before, a reduced risk of fraud and a faster process.

Coadjute, creating a better property market for everyone. 

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Collaborate within your existing Rezi software

When you connect from Rezi's estate agency software to other platforms using Coadjute, you can see what other parties are doing on the same transaction in real-time - making it easier than ever to collaborate and get the transaction done.

See how Coadjute transforms the home-buying journey for estate agents using our integration in Rezi. Making every transaction a truly collaborative, friction-free experience for all. .

Benefits of using Coadjute within Rezi

Dezrez is adding additional features to Rezi estate agency software using the power of Coadjute. Use Coadjute to enjoy new features including: 

Real-time tracking

See everything that’s happening in your property transaction in one place with a real-time and synchronised view of the deal. Saving you hours chasing parties for milestone updates. 

Referrals to conveyancers

Find conveyancers on the directory and invite them to participate in a deal with you – directly through Rezi estate agency software. 

Instant messaging

Send and receive messages to all parties involved in a transaction from within Rezi CRM software – safely, securely and in real-time. 

How Coadjute will drive your business forward

Coadjute is connecting you to the rest of the property market so that you and your customers can benefit from faster case progression and easier ways of working. 

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Reduce completion time

With all the information you need at your fingertips, you can move swiftly, act decisively and keep everything running like clockwork. 

Achieve more in less time

Are you too busy chasing answers to find solutions? Coadjute gives you precious time back to focus on the work that really matters, like giving your clients that first class service. 

Increase success rate

The longer the process the higher the chance of something going wrong. With Coadjute you can spot issues early and keep everything moving forward. 

Collaborate within Rezi

With your new Coadjute integration, your existing Rezi software will now be connected to other software platforms in the market. Now, you can work with conveyancers and all other parties involved in a shared property transaction with ease.

All your data will be synchronised, and you’ll be able to see status updates, track progress, and message each other - all from within Rezi. 

Connected by Coadjute
Coadjute & Rezi Estate Agency Software

Get started with Coadjute today!

These new features are live in your Rezi real estate agency software already. Discover how Coadjute can help transform your agency and book a demo now.

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