Sprift and Rezi Integration

Comprehensive upfront property information

Explore a level of data that has never before been available against property records in CRM software.
Through Dezrez' Rezi, agents can access Sprift Key Facts for Buyers reports through a simple plug-in.

What is Sprift?

Established in 2016, Sprift offers the most comprehensive source of upfront information on UK properties. Sprift is here to help make home buying and selling quicker, easier and cheaper for all. The Sprift dashboard contains instant, accurate and comprehensive data on any UK residential property.


There are over 28 million properties on the Sprift platform. The data is made available to any property professional to share with their clients, either through an online dashboard or fully white-labelled vendor and buyer reports.

Sprift and Dezrez integrate

Sprift property information

There are over 100 individual data points per property sourced from 1bn+ records, including: 
  • Title plans
  • Planning 
  • Flood risk
  • Council tax
  • Schools
  • Leasehold 
  • Floorplans
  • EPC

Benefits to real estate agents

Through its data, Sprift is on a mission to better inform buyers and ultimately, reduce the time it takes to complete a house sale. Sprift reports help people make informed decisions that lead to a reduction in the number of deals that collapse - giving agents a competitive edge. Sprift has produced reports on nearly 1.3m UK properties, and saved clients over £65m research hours. On average, Sprift helps agents win 22% more instructions and Sprift’s clients say the platform saves approx. 2-3 weeks in the sales process. 
Sprift in Dezrez property software
Through its comprehensive upfront information, Sprift helps agents: 

1. Prospect professionally

2. Stand out from the competition

3. Reduce transaction times

4. Win (more) instructions


The Dezrez & Sprift integration

This is the first time this level of data has been available to be appended to property records in CRM. Through Dezrez, agents can then click into Sprift Key Facts for Buyers reports through a simple plug-in. Buyers want to be better informed, and now Sprift data can be distributed to buyers through the Dezrez CRM platform.

By adopting data, Dezrez offers: 
  • Better prospecting and time saving 
  • Agents being able to focus on selling, and then use the CRM tools and data to focus on winning more instructions 

Sprift testimonials & reviews

“Undertaking this level of research really does make us stand out from the competition, and it gives us a better chance when it comes to winning instructions and by showcasing what makes us different allows us to command the best fees also.”
Lee Mann, Director at Bond Residential

"The biggest gain for us since using Sprift has been with prospecting. By sending the Key Facts for Buyer reports to potential homeowners, we have gained business by offering much more than their current agent. The reports are simple to put together, meaning the time spent is minimal but the return is fantastic, with sellers being amazed by the level of detail the reports offer.” 
Jamie Fisher, Managing Director at Taylor Milburn

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