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Rightmove Tenant Referencing & Rezi

Helping lettings agents win

Rightmove Rental Services (formerly Van Mildert) prides itself on being a referencing partner that agents can rely on to represent them, their landlord and their tenants.

With features such as tenant 'blacklisting', Rightmove allow agents to provide a high-quality service to landlords, all from within their Rezi software. 

How does Rightmove Tenant Referencing work?

Our seamless integration with Rightmove Tenant Referencing allows Rezi estate agents to order tenant references from within the software itself, quickly and easily. This means that agents no longer need to go to a separate website to view the status of the references, it's all done within the software.

To see how it works first-hand, take a look at the video or book a demo today!

Helping agents make informed decisions

Ensuring landlords are placed with the most reliable tenants can be challenging. However, Rightmove’s referencing software includes an internal database which records fraudulent applicants, applications that have had a previous rent guarantee claim, or tenants that have fallen two months into arrears. All unreliable tenants under those categories will become blacklisted, helping landlords make informed decisions as to whether they would like to proceed with a tenant.

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Van Mildert within Rezi Software

Rightmove Tenant Referencing within Rezi

Rightmove tenant referencing is easily accessible within the Rezi software for estate agents, allowing them to save time and work more efficiently.

The Rightmove referencing service covers exactly what you would expect from a referencing provider, but it also goes that extra mile to offer a whole host of free service upgrades to give agents the confidence they need when providing landlords with a service they can rely on time and time again.

Additional services

Rightmove’s credit check with waiting approval feature allows agents to pre-qualify applicants for free, before committing to a full reference. This free feature provides agents with basic information on applicants, including declared income, and provides confirmation on any CCJs or adverse credit earlier in the referencing process.

Rightmove’s rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance provides agents with the peace of mind they need to reassure their landlords their investment is in safe hands.
Rightmove and Dezrez

Customer testimonials

"The best referencing service out there"
"Top notch reports, completed promptly and at a good price" 
"Customer service is excellent. 10/10.  Speedy! Notes are good and team are responsive over the phones"
"Brilliant service, especially through lockdown, very happy"

Add tenant referencing to your software

Rezi agents save both time and resource by ordering tenant references from within their CRM.

For more information on adding Rightmove tenant referencing to your estate agent software dashboard, simply complete our short form: 

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