Document Signing for Sales & Letting Agents

How many times as an estate agent have you absolutely needed a critical document signed by one of your customers, only to realize that they’ve probably already packed away their printer, paper, and pens in anticipation of moving house? What should take just a few seconds now might take days. Wasn’t this supposed to be the future?
Document Signature
Rezi has now partnered with Signable to significantly reduce such headaches and increase the speed of your business. Signable is a safe and secure electronic signature platform designed to get your documents delivered and signed in a fraction of the time.

  • Accelerate your business and close deals sooner
  • Organise your documents quickly and easily
  • Fully integrated. Do it all within Rezi
  • Track your document ‘s status and know the moment it’s signed.
  • Available on any web-enabled device
  • Sign electronically, anywhere in the world
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Save trees

How does it work?

Once you upload the document you need to have signed, you simply enter the signer’s details and then submit. The signer then receives an email with a unique link to the document, no specific tools or registration required! All they need is a connection to the web, and they can sign from anywhere in the world, even on mobile devices. That’s it! It can also be configured for multiple signatures.
Email Communication
Is it legally binding?

In a word, yes, but if you want several more words, follow this link. The Signable system ensures that every signature is traceable to the signer, documents are maintained and secured, and a full audit log is kept. This process not only eliminates mistakes and fraud, but also gives you a full view of the status of your documents.

Additionally, Signable and Rezi are fully integrated, and documents signed via Rezi meet and exceed both UK e-signature laws, as well as those of the EU as set by eIDAS. E-signatures are recognised throughout the world as a legally binding way of signing documents, and if you need to check on specific countries, check out this guide for more information.

How secure is it?

Each page of the document, including the signature page, is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. Detailed audit logs are maintained for each signature action and identities are verified via email, IP address, timestamp, and geo tracking. Document integrity is checked every step of the way and each one has a unique fingerprint to make it as secure as possible.

This process ensures that every signature is uniquely linked to the signer, and all pertaining records are secured for later access. Any documents transmitted via Signable and Rezi are sent only to the intended recipient. No other copies are generated, and the signatory has full control over who can access the document.
Document Sign
The benefits of Rezi & Signable

Already rich in features, when coupled with Rezi, Signable can do even more. Not only can Rezi users do more, they can do it all inside Rezi. No other estate agency software can offer this level of seamless integration. Best of all, Rezi users can get access to all of Signable’s features for half price through Rezi!

Branding  – Keep your business’ identity consistent across all channels. Signable makes it easy to maintain your branding in both HTML and plain text emails.

Unlimited Users and Templates – All payment plans allow for unlimited users and no restrictions on how many templates you can upload to your account.

Full Visibility  – Track your documents in real time and know when each action is completed. Logs can tell the time and date when it was opened, sent, or signed giving your team complete transparency on any project.

Teams Feature – Take full control of who has access to which account with Teams. Restrict personnel or actions they can take, such as updating billing info, removing users, or changing the company’s profile.

Award-winning Support – Signable’s customer support team is available through Live chat, email, or phone, ready and willing to keep you running smoothly.

Available Anywhere – Signable’s fully web based API means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device with an Internet connection. Learn more about how it works here.

Multiple Signatories – Need multiple signatures on a document? Signable documents can be configured and sent to as many signatories as you need, safely and securely.

Rezi users already know how we can help streamline their business, but Signable makes it even faster. No need to chase down clients for their signature. Simply let Signable handle it all from within Rezi and keep the process moving while increasing your sign rates. Lightning fast and safe as houses.