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Rezi Screenz: Interactive window advertising for estate agents

Your shop window, always accessible, always open.

A white label customer interactive window solution enabling passing interest, 24/7.

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Offer more than just a tv in the window...

Our window advertising tools for estate agents can be designed to match your agency's branding, raising awareness of your business as well as the properties you currently have for sale or to let. Explore our interactive window displays today and win more instructions today!

 Using a smartphone, a potential client can take control of the screen and view your property portfolio with ease.

Screenz Preview

Each potential client can enquire about properties from the screen, creating a lead inside your Rezi estate agency CRM software.

To Do Leads

Potential clients don't need an app to control the screen, they simply text a code or use the QR code to easily navigate your property portfolio.


Remote Control via Webpage
Amazon TV and Remote

System Requirements

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K enabled device

    • Wireless connection

    • Amazon Account (although no purchase is necessary).

    • 720p or above TV, supporting HDMI.

    • Username/Password for Rezi

Optional Requirement

TV with USB power, so that you don’t need an extra plug to run the firestick, and hence no extra wires/rewiring, you can use a short micro-usb cable to take the power from the back of the TV. The usb ports will be labelled, 1A 5V or similar.


If you don’t already have one create a new amazon account...

Plug the Firestick into the TV, and connect to the power. Follow the on screen instructions, to set up the firestick, connect it to the internet (instructional video here).

Once the firestick is setup, use the firestick remote to navigate to the app menu, select category from the sub menu and choose Finance. A list of apps will be shown, select Rezi Screenz. Select “Download”.

You have now installed Rezi Screenz.
Watch Setup Video

Interested in trying Rezi Screenz to increase instructions?

On your firestick, go to apps, select categories, choose finance and look down the list of apps for Rezi Screenz.
Just install, configure and login and your up and running.

If you'd like to know more, simply get in touch with our team for more information or to see a demo of how our estate agency software can work for you.
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