What is a feature request?

30.01.20 05:21 PM By Rhys Daniels

Our software is built on your feedback

That’s why your feedback is so important to us.

We have been listening to our customers for almost 20 years – since the day we launched Dezrez.  Our estate agency software is built on your feedback and we continue to add features and functionality based on what you tell us about our software and how you use it in your business.

What works. What doesn’t? What can be improved?

What’s even better is that feedback keeps coming and we continue to develop our software based on it.
Software Development

Our reality check

Some things you ask for are big things. Some are smaller things. Some are particular to your business.

With the best will in the world, we can’t deal with each individual request and deliver every single one.

We have to build a roadmap and we have to have a process around how we do that so that we create the biggest possible benefit for the most amount of people.
Product Development

How do we build our roadmap?

When you are faced with an issue with our software and the way you use it in your business you should call our support team. They will work with you to find a way to resolve the issue within the functionality and features of the current software and make it work for you.

If it becomes clear that a new feature needs to be added or we need to change an existing feature they will create a ‘feature request’. That is the first step in the process. That feature request will go to the design team and they will assign a priority to it based on the type of request and other users’ feedback. The more requests the higher it is prioritised.

Once a feature request is added to our product roadmap the design team create a mock-up and prototype before discussing it in detail with the development team. The design team will then write a detailed ‘story’ for the development team to work from.

Those stories are then allocated to a ‘development sprint’ which generally lasts two weeks and during which time we develop the new or updated feature. Following the development, the feature is rigorously tested where we evaluate every possible scenario to ensure it is working properly and there are no bugs.

Once thoroughly tested the new feature will be released to our live software for you and everyone to use.

Workflows and third-party integrations

Remember too, that Rezi is an incredibly flexible platform and you can extend the functionality through our workflows, third-party integrations and our open API.

With over 500 potential apps, the opportunities for integration are nearly limitless. Our open API allows 2-way communication between Rezi and any external third-party application, giving you the power to create entire sales and marketing campaigns limited only by your imagination.

Our workflows also help you map your company processes, so you can execute them with intelligence and precision, as well as showing you where automated functions could further streamline your business and increase efficiency.