Best Practice & Fair Use

Acceptable Use Policy


The purpose of the document is to outline best practices when obtaining data from dezrez web services, and to inform third parties about the automated blacklisting system that we have in place.

Do I need to pause between requests?

We recommend so, yes. Leave an appropriate amount of “stand-off” time between batches of requests. We recommend introducing a 100ms delay between individual requests. Repeated back-to-back requests (“Hammering”) is very likely to trigger to automated filter.

What happens if I am “throttled”?

When the automated system detects an excessive amount of requests that fall foul of these guidelines, it may introduce one of the following sanctions:

Time delay in response
This delay may increase if behaviour continues

Temporary suspension
Requests will return HTTP status code 429 (Too Many Requests), and a plain text message explaining what has happened

Permanent suspension
Requests will return HTTP status code 403 (Forbidden), and a web form that explains what has happened and why. This form can be submitted to appeal the suspension.

How can I appeal against a blacklisting decision?

If the automated system has blacklisted your API key or your IP address, when you make a request to our web services, a web form is shown (fill this form in and submit it in order to appeal the blacklisting). Alternatively, you may contact us.