CRM Juggling can be a thing of the past with Rezi

Is your head constantly in a muddle from juggling CRMs?
‚Äč- You'll be please to know that there is another way! 

Something I hear all the time from agents is that they are tired of using two or even three Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and they wish they could find one CRM that would allow them to manage both sales and lettings.  They are tired of doubling up their data entry and having to run multiple bits of software, being an estate agent is hard enough and I often felt like I was juggling a dozen things at once, so juggling CRMs too must be like trying to juggle at least half a dozen balls.
Thanks to Rezi this could be a thing of the past now, seamlessly integrated with Rezi and taking your rental properties all the way through the lettings process.

You can read a little more about Rezi and watch Adam take you through a five minute walkthrough of the system  and if you are interested you can book a full online live demonstration.