Digital Signatures

Fully integrated with Rezi, Signable is now an enhanced feature of Rezi Post - a tool in itself that offers far more than you might realize dash you can learn more here                
Signable will assist agents by saving time and money, allowing them to get documents signed and returned faster and more efficiently than ever before.
You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box.
By using the digital signature system you can streamline your process for signing terms of business for example. How hard is it sometimes to get all the owners of a property to sign, due to work commitments?  Or perhaps one lives on the other side of the world? Now thanks to the integration of Signable into Rezi all you need is their e-mail addresses and it can be signed by everyone in a flash and a finalized copy in everyone's inbox for their records. Or if you have guarantors for your latest tenancy but they live 200 miles away, in the past I bet you have relied on Royal Mail and then waited for weeks for the guarantor to return it? Well now all you need to do is set your tenancies up in Rezi Post with Signable and it doesn't matter where they are, and Signable will even send them their regular reminders that they need to sign.

The signable integration comes free with a ReziPremium account and you even get 20 'envelopes' included every month, so not only does this save you time it can also save you money with a reduction in printing and postage costs, a large letter cost me £2.05 to send First Class at the weekend, so if you had to send 20 contracts or tenancies to just two different addresses this alone could be saving over £80 a month in postage costs!

Legality and enforceability 

OK so it's all sounds really great, but I bet you are worrying about the validity of these digital signatures? Will they actually stand up if you need to rely on them, in court perhaps? 

The good news is yes they will. The UK government enacted the electronic identification and trust services for electronic transaction regulations in 2016 (eIDAS) and the electronic Communications Act 2000 (ECA) and the signatures collected through Signable qualify as an electronic signature under both eIDAS regulations and the ECA 

Client identification 

So we know it's easy and it's compliant- but what about our AML responsibilities? How are we supposed to deal with ID checks or right to rent if everything is remote? 

Well Rezi has you covered here too! Thanks to our integration with CREDAS and their government certified right to rent checks and real time anti money laundering checks which of course you can order directly from Rezi and the report will even automatically be stored on your ready account giving your business a clear order and assurance that your confidential information is safe and secure- no more photos of clients passports lurking on valuers personal mobile phones 

To find out more about our integrations with Signable and CREDAS get in touch today