Using Facebook as a Sales Funnel

Growing market share is likely to be even more important this year than in the last couple of years as the market toughens. 

1. Establish a target audience
For those of you familiar with Facebook adverts you know that users can define their target audience using demographics such as age, location, interests and job title so that their Facebook ads reach the appropriate people. 

Another way to define your audience is to create content that would speak to home owners in your area.  A great tip is to publish a video talking about the Housing Market in Swansea (swap this for your local town) or even better go even more specific and create a few different videos and then create an advert that targets people based on having viewed 50% or more of your videos. 
2. Complete compelling Ad copy
Estate agents should craft compelling ad copy that provides potential clients with useful information.  By giving away information you begin to build trust with your clients.  Some agents chose to use Ghost Writers, but it is important to find one that writes in your ‘tone’.
3. Focus on visuals
Use strong visuals, such as photos or videos of properties, to draw people in and make them more likely to engage with the advert. 
4. Use retargeting adverts
Retargeting adverts are a great way to keep your estate agent’s brand in front of previous visitors to your website or page that have already expressed interest in your services.  Using Facebook Pixels to draw visitors to your website or Facebook page into your funnel. 

Retargeting also becomes the next stage in your Facebook funnel, as know you have people who have watched some of your videos and have also viewed your advert you know they are very likely thinking about selling at some point, so now creating an advert that tells a client success story with a strong call to action should give you some fantastic results.
5. Offer a free download
Final stage of your funnel is now to use retargeting again to give the users a really strong call to action.  But by offering something else for free first you increase your conversion rates even further.  Something along the lines of ‘Your Guide to Selling Your Swansea Home in 2023’ displayed to users who have already watched your videos and read your previous adverts is likely to get a great level of interest, in order to download the free guide you ask the user to provide their name and email address and then in exchange they download their guide now, but now you have their contact details you can enter them in your email nurture campaign and expose them to even more of your free helpful content.
When someone has moved through this funnel who else are they going to use when it comes to their time to sell?