Hybrid Estate Agent Software: Rezi Anytime for Online Agencies

The most effective way to manage your real estate agency 24/7 with CRM software.

In this guide we address the definition of the term ‘Hybrid Agent’ and establish how new buyer demands are seeing an increase in online and hybrid real estate agents.


Offering flexible operating hours or an office that never closes doesn’t mean working longer hours. With the introduction of intuitive, automation software agencies are now winning more instructions than ever and keeping up with online buyer demand. 

We’ll share with you the tools our agents are using to compete and thrive in a digital market with Rezi Anytime– our hybrid estate agent software solution.

Hybrid estate agency on-the-go

What is a Hybrid Estate Agent?

A hybrid estate agency offers a fully mobile CRM solution for its clients, powered by automation that enables 24/7 online access and interaction for the user. Many high street estate agencies now define themselves as ‘hybrid’ as they operate from a physical office but also offer an online website solution for digital users.

What are the benefits of becoming a hybrid agency?

Becoming a hybrid estate agent is enabling many agencies to remain thriving in today’s economy. Forced to adapt to new buyer demand many traditional agencies are now looking to digital solutions, such as online websites offering client portals to be able to capture leads outside of the normal business opening hours. It is recognized that 58% of consumers shop online rather than instore due to unlimited and convenient shopping hours. 


If you would like more information specifically on ‘Becoming a Hybrid Estate Agent’ our e-book is free and available to download now.

What are the advantages of utilizing Rezi Anytime as an agent?

With increased online buyer demand and many millennials choosing to shop virtually, an online portal offering 24/7 access and updates is being quickly recognized as the most efficient way to manage workloads and secure deals. As we discussed the internet never sleeps however access to agents and customer service does. There establishing an online portal with real time updates and automated completion emails means that your software can perform when you need it to most.

Rezi’s purpose built client login area enables agents to access the information uploaded by the client, vendor or landlord whilst pulling information from Rezi to populate key milestones throughout the user journey. Information able to be viewed by the user can be transparent or restricted. Using the padlock for locking and unlocking an agent can select when information is pulled through from Rezi Anytime - hybrid estate agent software. Allow access only to the documents needed, keeping you in control and the area clutter free.


Rezi Anytime also offers hybrid agents the ability to deliver a user friendly dashboard where clients are able to request valuations, refer a friend, view their offerings, view property details for the homes that they are buying or renting and message agents with any questions. Sales progression is also available straight from the portal. Detailing a full list of key milestones related to the purchase, including all parties involved including solicitors. This enables transparent, clear details, ensuring everyone is up to date and included in relative correspondence. 

Key benefits of using a customer online portal 

  • Improved communication and fewer calls
  • Transparent sales progression (Key milestones)
  • Fewer fall through rates, saving time and resource
  • 24/7 online availability with automated notifications
  • User intuitive platform and a secure login area
  • Data pulled and updated from within Rezi – no duplicate entry of data
  • Access key functionality straight from the user friendly dashboard
  • Client document upload, stored and verified securely
  • View all parties involved inc. clients/agents/solicitors
Rezi Anytime - Hybrid estate agent software

What are the advantages of utilizing Rezi Anytime for a client?

Property Buyer

Our hybrid estate agent software allows clients freedom to effectively work on the areas that they need to at a time that suits them. With busy schedules it’s easy for delays to creep in and communication to break down when confined to the ‘normal’ business hours. Offering a 24/7 accessible online portal means freedom and convenience to work anytime and anywhere.


Clients using Rezi Anytime hybrid estate agent CRM can view the documents that they have uploaded and any that the agent is able to share. Offering real transparency throughout the whole process. For example, a client can navigate through selected areas such as EPC, proof of ID and edit details where necessary.


Another great area within the client portal is the Property Search feature. This intuitive search engine allows for noted likes and dislikes and creates house matches accompanied with percentage match based on your criteria. Select budgets, save properties, like properties and more. This information will then save and a notification will prompt the agency that these details have been added, enabling real time correspondence and actions.

Landlord/ Vendor

As a vendor or landlord it is essential that the marketing agreed by the agency is being carried out. With Rezi Anytime in the ‘My Properties’ section a landlord or vendor is able to view detailed marketing reports pulled from Rezi. Here a client can see mail outs, how long a property has been listed on the market, the number of viewings and the number of offers made.


This area also allows edits to be made. Reducing the amount of calls a client might make throughout the processes to update details to prompt more engagement, this login area enables requests for changes to a properties location, details, notes of interest and price. These changes will then be transferred to the agent who can edit them accordingly. 

What’s featured in the agent/client portal of Rezi Anytime?

  • Online, automated diary requests
  • Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard
  • Client, legal, property document upload and secure storage
  • Client, agent signature uploads
  • Feedback submissions
  • Two way messaging between client and agent
  • Property searches
  • Access saved/liked properties
  • Edit options (approved by the agent)
  • My property searches (vendor/landlord)
  • Sales progression overview
Rezi Anytime Hybrid Estate Agent CRM

Become an Anytime ‘Hybrid’ estate agent with Rezi

Whether you’re looking to become a hybrid estate agent or compete with one Rezi Anytime’s features mean that you never miss a beat.


Our bespoke templates also allow agents to theme match their client login Rezi Anytime portal to brand colours and design. With our white label service this area can look and feel true to a company’s brand.


Join thousands of agencies who are now offering a 24/7 online service, that wins more instructions and is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device.