Introduction to Lead Generation

Lead Generation will be essential this year

As an estate agent it is going to be even more important this year to generatleads. However, that is often easier said than done and typically requires a great deal of time, resources and money.                
Thankfully, this does not need to be the case. With vast range of online tools, services and platforms now available, there are numerous ways that estate agents can tap into different marketing channels to reach new prospects without breaking the bank.

Suggestions you can implement quickly

One of the most popular ways to do this is by using social media to increase brand awareness and to position yourself as a trusted source of advice for property-related questions. On Instagram, for example, you can use the platform to post helpful content such as advice on local markets and home improvements, or to showcase properties for rent or sale to a broad audience. You can also use tools like Hashtags For Likes to help reach more potential customers by finding relevant hashtags to use in your posts. 
For even more effective results, try creating a Facebook page and run targeted advertising campaigns to attract leads in the local area. These campaigns can be tailored to attract a specific demographic and budget, giving you more control over who you want to reach. 

You can use integrations within ReziPremium to automate some of this work, with new instructions automatically shared on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linked, or re-posting relevant news articles about your local area or the housing market. 
Another method for boosting brand awareness is to use digital content, such as articles and videos, to share helpful advice related to the property market. For example, you could create an informative video on 'How to Invest Wisely in a Property' that you could share on YouTube, Facbook or your website. This content will help to engage more potential customers, as well as position you as an expert on the topic. Video is a great tool to help build a ‘Personal Brand’ alongside the corporate brand of your business, after all most people ‘buy’ from people not businesses so helping your colleagues become known will help your business. 
Finally, you could consider setting up an email marketing program to keep your clients informed of new developments or to stay in touch with prospective customers. Platforms like MailChimp can be integrated with Reziand offer free services with limited features, and you can use it to create simple newsletters that promote things like open houses and discounts. 
These are just a few of the free options available to you as an estate agent that can help to increase your reach and generate more business. So, why not take advantage of them, and start boosting your business today! If you’d like any help or advice on how you could improve your lead generation,