New Branding & Marketing Services

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest Rezi services designed to help our clients stand out from the crowd, entice new business and nurture existing contacts.

Branding Templates

Our new Branding & Marketing services now offer a suite of templates to use within Rezi, designed to improve the look of correspondence sent from within Rezi without you having to invest your time into producing your own documents or investing your money into a designer to create your look. We are now able to offer smart, simple looking templates that cover vendor marketing reports, valuation confirmation, valuation follow up reports, newsletter / blog and an improved mail merge / property mail out. 

Below is an example of a marketing update report that you would be able to generate within seconds for your client and either post or email to them, which will include rightmove statistics as well as details about enquiries and viewing requests.  Each report can be customised to your own brand colours and fonts and of course with your own logo.

Marketing Services

For those of you who want improved marketing but do not have the time to do it yourself, or the budget to employ someone to do it for you we are now able to offer a suite of marketing services which are designed to help improve your visibility and generate business opportunities.  The first of our products to be launched, Brand Builder, is designed to help increase marketing touch points with both existing contacts and new potential clients.  Each month our specialist team will create an industry specific blog, designed for the interest of your clients.  This blog hosted on your behalf provides a platform to provide useful helpful content, we will then promote this content on your behalf through your own social media channel, driving traffic to your blog and your website.  In addition to this each month a newsletter including a summary of the blog and some of your latest instructions will be sent by us to applicants on your Rezi database. Giving you a totally hands off marketing toolkit to get your started.

For those looking to go even further, you could couple Brand Builder with our automated social media posting tool which comes as part of ReziPremium or you could upgrade your marketing product to our Social Butterfly solution that is aimed to provide daily presence across your social media platforms helping to generate even more opportunities, and for those wanting to completely take control of their local area then our Market Dominator solution is for you, which includes everything you will find in Brand Builder and Social Butterfly along with exciting additional tools like, bespoke content created specifically to your area, past valuation email nurture journeys and managed Facebook advert designed to work with all the content created to form one awesome lead generating funnel, delivering valuation requests straight to your inbox.