• Rezi Premium FAQ

    Welcome to the complete FAQ guide for getting to know and most importantly getting started with Rezi Premium & Zapier. 

    Whether you're brand new to Zap building or someone who just wants to brush up on their Zapier understanding, we've created this knowledge base FAQ full of technical and 
    non-technical insights to assist!
What is Rezi Premium?

Rezi Premium allows you to connect Rezi to hundreds of other products by building your own workflows and integrations or choosing from ones we have already built. You can do all of this because we have integrated with Zapier.

You also have access to Rezi Meet, our very own in-built Video calling software. You can carry out video meetings such as viewings & valuations from within Rezi, call clients for a video catch-up or carry out staff meetings with one or multiple staff members.

And you have the option to add custom forms and custom fields against a property, a contact or even in process such as when registering a contact.

How much is Rezi Premium?

Rezi Premium is an additional £75 per month per branch when upgrading from Rezi pro.

In addition to this, there is a £20 for each 1000 minutes per branch per month for Rezi Meet video calls.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is the glue that connects apps

Zapier is an online automation tool that connecting apps together in an easy single string format. Zapier allows users to connect to thousands of marketplace apps! Allowing apps to talk to each other and connect as a workflow.  

Zapier is built around 'triggers' and 'actions' for example, when a trigger happens like receiving a new lead or email an action pulls through the data in that trigger app and actions a task on your behalf. 

Will I need a Zapier Account?

Yes you will need a Zapier account. You will need the "Starter" package as a minimum. 

You can set up an account via Zapier.

What triggers are available?
Below is a list of all the triggers available in Zapier. Almost every event is covered:

  • Appointment Created Eg. Viewings or Valuations 
  • Appointment Changed 
  • Appointment Cancelled
  • Appointment Started
  • Appointment Moved
  • Event Created
  • Event Changed 
  • Property Instructed
  • Property Marketing Role changed 
  • Property Sold/Let
  • Property Withdrawn
  • Property Fallen through
  • Property offer accepted
  • Group Created Eg. Vendor, Landlord or Applicant
  • Marketing status changed Eg. Market on Website/Portals, property Reduced & property SSTC
  • Property Exchanged
  • Property Completed
How do Rezi & Zapier work together?

We have integrated our Webhooks (think of them as Trigger events in Rezi such as "New property instructed") into Zapier. This means you can build a Workflow to listen for these events in order for it to kick in.

So a webhook is basically a "trigger" for a workflow, think of it like a simple formula - "IF this, THEN that":

"IF this happens (in Rezi), THEN do that in X software (Facebook)"


"IF my branch instructs a new property, THEN post that property to our agency Facebook page"

Rezi tells Zapier that a property has been instructed (via a webhook) and the Zapier Workflow (or "Zap") kicks in and posts the property to facebook automatically.

Will I need a developer to build Zaps for my business?

No developer needed! That's right! 

Zapier has made Zap building simple! That means there's no developer or coding required to build your Zaps! Anyone can do it!

For more information on building Zaps you can visit

Can I access pre-built Zaps?


The team at Dezrez has been eagerly creating Zaps with estate agents in mind. We've created a whole list of the industry's most frequesntly used apps and build Zap templates for you to utilise as soon as you've registered with us! 

You can also explore recommended workflows for estate agents via the Zapier website! Check out their recommendations and list of apps here

How easy is it to set up Zaps?

It's simple!

Looking to get creative and set up your own automated workflows using Zaps? There's a whole host of guided material available on our website, through our training team and through the Zapier website!

You can find more reading material for help with Zap building via or take a tour of the Zapier explore page.

Where can I find guided material for building my own Zaps?

For the latest guides check out these links:

A guide for creating Zaps: Click here

A guide for managing Zaps: Click here

How to troubleshoot and fix errors in your Zaps: Click here

Stay up to date with the latest Blogs from Zapier: Click here

Check out Zapiers 'Learning Centre' for educational resources and how to grow your workflows: Click here

Can I build two-way syncing?

Think of Zapier as one-way workflows

Zapier creates one way workflows to action and trigger apps. However, you can create multiple Zaps to get different apps/ Zaps performing in opposite directions whilst actioning a trigger at the same time. 

For more information on working around the need for two-way syncing you can visit Zapier's help to guide by Clicking here

Is my data safe to use with Zapier?

Zapier's Data Privacy

Zapier takes the security of data very seriously. Zapier is fully GDPR compliant and CCPA compliant.

For more information on data security please visit Zapier Privacy Policy via their website.

What if an app that we use isn’t appearing on Zapier’s list of apps?

Add an app

Can't see an app you need? 

Zapier are constantly adding the latest apps available on the market. However, if the one you need isn't there you can email Zapier with the app that you would like to be added and their team will look to get it added for you. 

Request an app via this link now Click here.

Can I schedule Zaps or are they always instant?

Run Zaps at specific intervals

Schedule by Zapier is a built-in app feature that allows you to schedule a Zap to trigger at a time that you set. Zaps do not always have to be instantaneous. Choose to run your Zaps every hour, day, week or month to best suit you and your business. 

More information on Scheduling Zaps Click here

Can I build apps using Rezi software as a trigger/ action?


In fact we at Dezrez have been working our way through building the best apps from our Rezi software to kick start your workflows! Imagine being able to automate workflows and create actions all through one platform! At Dezrez our mission is to connect the property world and that's what we're doing - all from one platform!

A full comprehensive list of Zaps built by our Rezi experts is coming soon!

How do I contact Zapier?

Looking for Zapier support?

If you're looking for help or more information from the team at Zapier, please visit their support centre by clicking here

What is a custom form?

It’s the group that holds all the fields an agent fills in when they deal with an Entity Eg. Adding a client/property or booking a viewing.
What is a custom field?

Custom fields sit within the custom forms and allow agents to capture any type of data they want. 

Custom fields are also available on property hubs and client group hubs.
Why would an agency want custom forms and Fields?

Custom Forms and Fields essentially allow agents to “Bespoke” Rezi for an agency. No longer restricted to the fields, questions, tick boxes, drop downs we have put in. 

What’s a good example?

You may want to gather data to assist your Sales Progressor - Some of this will be at the point of adding a contact or property and some will be as you go along. OR you may want to gather information that aids a MORTGAGE ADVISOR.

What are the costs for custom forms?

All Rezi Premium customers have the option to add custom fields to property and group hubs as part of their package. 

Custom forms are charged at an additional extra, dependant on the work required. We will provide a quote based on your requirements.

What is Rezi Meet?

Rezi Meet is our fully integrated video calling functionality. Think Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams but built for estate agenst and can be used directly from Rezi.

You can carry out Video Appointments, video catch up calls with clients and staff meetings over video calls - all from your Rezi dashboard.

Is Rezi Meet easy to set up?

Yes - very easy. 

All you need to do is sign up for Rezi Premium and tell us you want to use Rezi Meet. 

Once you add a Rezi Meet widget to your Rezi dashboards, all staff will automatically have their own "meeting functionality" built in to their Rezi Login.

Are their additional costs to Rezi Meet?

Yes. As well as having to be a Rezi Premium customer, you will need to pay £20 per month per branch for 1000 minutes of video call time. Each 1000 minutes is an additional £20.

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