Rezi Minimum Specification

Connection Requirements
Microsoft Office
Security Exceptions
SPF Record
Requirement Processor (CPU) Memory (RAM) Hard Drive Operating System Browser
 Minimum Intel i3 3GHz or equivalent 8GB RAM + Sata III Windows 10 Pro 64 BIT
Mac OS 10.14
 Google Chrome 64 BIT
 RecommendedIntel  i5 4GHz or equivalent 16GB RAM + Sold State Drive (SSD) Windows 10 Pro 64 BIT
Mac OS 10.15 +
 Google Chrome 64 BIT
  • Individual users will require their own unique email address.
  • Windows users will be required to install all recommended Microsoft Windows updates.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 64-BIT installed on your computer to open PDF documents.
  • A screen resolution with a minimum width of 1024 pixels is required.
Connection Requirements
User Count Internet Download Speed Internet Upload SpeedInternet Latency   Internal Network
 1 User 2 Mbps0.2 Mbps 100 ms  1000 Mbps
  • All broadband connections should be of business grade coupled with a commercial class broadband router / Ethernet switch (not a consumer home / SOHO router).
  • Should you wish to use a wireless network for client machines we insist that this is of Commercial Class and not a consumer variant.
  • Within your office you could have many different services running which utilise your office network as well as your broadband connection.
  • If you are using a VOIP service for communications then a separate broadband connection is recommended for it’s sole use. If this is not possible, Quality Of Service (QOS) will need to be setup to reserve connection speed for certain services, ensuring enough bandwidth is reserved for each software user.
Microsoft Office
SoftwareReziRezi PostRezi PMDezrezOne
 Microsoft Office 2019 CompatibleCompatible Compatible  Compatible
Microsoft Office 2016  CompatibleIncompatible 
Compatible  Compatible
 Microsoft Office 2013IncompatibleIncompatible Incompatible Compatible
 Microsoft Office 2010IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible Compatible
  • Microsoft Office 64-BIT is to be installed locally on the device being used with regional / language settings to United Kingdom.
  • Rezi Post is available to install from the UK Office store.
  • Customers using a volume licence version of Microsoft Office products will need to seek advice from their Microsoft Rep to obtain Rezi Post from the Office store.
Security Exceptions
You will be required to add the below whitelist exceptions into your security software and firewall for http:// & https:// variants.
SPF Record
Dezrez requires a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record with our specific mail server information to be authorised and identified to send email on behalf of your domain.

Don't have an SPF record?

If you do not have an SPF record for your domain please refer to the Sender Policy Framework website for more information.

Already have an SPF record for your domain?
No problem. You simply need to add the SendGrid include mechanism lookup into your existing record before ~all :


Last updated: 28th October 2020