Revolutionize Your Property Management: Streamline Tasks and Optimize Performance with CRM Dashboards!

Our ReziPM dashboard feature will help simplify day-to-day tasks in property management.  

Dashboards provide an overview of key performance indicators related to a property or portfolio of properties across the business, making it easier for property managers to quickly understand the current state of their properties and identify areas that need attention. 
For example, the ReziPM dashboard for maintenance and accounts can show information such as; Money In/Out, Deposits, status of maintenance tasks and jobs, expiring certificates, expiring tenancy agreements and much more.  

By having this information easily accessible and presented in a clear and concise manner, property managers can make more informed decisions about how to allocate their time in way of priority. 
Dashboards can also help property managers to be more proactive in identifying and addressing issues.  
By monitoring KPIs on a regular basis, property managers can spot trends and patterns that may indicate potential problems such as; overdue rents or unaligned accounts, maintenance issues that are not being addressed or even outstanding ‘Applicant’ and ‘Landlord’ identification to name a few.  

This allows you to take corrective action before the problems escalate and become more difficult and potentially expensive to resolve. 

In summary, our clearly visible dashboards can be a valuable tool for simplifying day-to-day tasks in property management by providing a clear and concise overview of key performance indicators and metrics related to a property or portfolio of properties for the property managers within the business. 

Feel free to watch a short clip and overview of our maintenance dashboard, or better yet, do get in touch to arrange a full demonstration