Help your agency stand out from the competition with ReziAnytime

Rezi anytime is a secure customer login area built on the Rezi API which gives your Vendors and Buyers the ability to view and interact with Rezi property data relevant to them 24/7. Amongst other things, buyers can view properties and request viewings while vendors can view the progress of their sale.  As you would imagine there are a host of features available for your clients, but as the agent you are in control of which of these you want turned on. 
You can chose from:  
My Diary                        Book a Valuation  


My Feedback                My Documents 

Recent Activity            Saved Properties 

Property Searches       My Properties 


My Contacts                   Properties I am Buying/Renting 


My Actions                      Submit your Own  


As an estate agent, providing a secure log in area for clients to access details about their property and the progress of its sale has substantial potential benefits. Through secure and convenient access to up-to-date information about their property, estate agents can offer a more comprehensive and personalised experience, effectively boost customer satisfaction, and ultimately secure and grow their business. 

The most obvious benefit of providing a secure log in area like ReziAnytime is the convenience it provides to clients. Rather than having to call up the estate agent in order to obtain information, clients have the option of logging into their account any time to find out the most recent developments on the sale of their property.  

In addition to convenience and time efficiency, providing a secure log in area directly benefits customer satisfaction. As customers are able to access personalised information about their property sale progress in one easily accessible place, it guarantees an overall better experience that stands out from the competition. As customers often spend a lot of time researching potential real estate agents before committing to a sale, personalised service is a major selling point that helps to differentiate an estate agency from its competitors.