Tired of being stood up?

Our Viewing Confirmation Automated Workflow  is usually only available with Rezi Premium  

 but  you can try it for FREE           

POV: Its Saturday morning and you’re stood outside your first viewing, its five past nine and they were supposed to be here at 9am, you’re starting to get that sinking feeling that nobody is coming!

 We have all been there and of course it's not just frustrating, it costs us money and it upsets our vendors and landlords.  Our new automated Viewing Confirmation workflow can help to avoid this.  An automated SMS is sent 3 hours before the appointment and asks the buyer/tenant to confirm with a simple Yes or No if they are going to make it.  If they can’t make it, Rezi will automatically cancel the appointment from your diary and email your team, if they want to re-arrange it will even set a task to remind you to book another appointment.

Watch a full demo below