Tired of chasing for viewing feedback?

Do you spend the first few hours of the day juggling incoming enquiries and the need to follow up on yesterdays viewings to get feedback for your clients? Only to find that despite your best efforts all your clients have managed to call in to chase you before you have managed to speak to the people who viewed their homes? It’s a familiar feeling and a frustration shared by agents all across the country.  As an agent myself I must have had countless conversations with clients explaining we have been unable to get hold of the viewer for feedback, explaining it is a common frustration and that we have called and emailed several times.  But despite my best efforts I could hear the dissatisfaction in my clients' voice and recognised the tone of voice that told me that deep down they thought we just hadn’t bothered to try. 

If this sounds familiar then Rezi has an automation tool that will not only save you hours of frustrating phone calls, but it will also improve your chances of obtaining feedback at the same time as improving the quality of the feedback you receive.   

How does it work? 

Our clever system will automatically contact viewers after their appointment asking them for feedback, either by SMS, or the most popular route is by completing a simple intuitive form.  This feedback is then pulled back into Rezi and appears on your dashboard to let you know feedback has been received.  In fact, in some cases our clients have found they come in on a Monday morning to several concise pieces of feedback, offers and even legal and financial services referrals – all done automatically by Rezi on a Sunday afternoon.  Of course, the best thing about this is the ability to call their vendors or landlords first thing with the feedback, helping to demonstrate how proactive and efficient they are. You can watch a full demo here.

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