What is ReziPremium?

In this two minute read we will explore the benefits of ReziPremium over our standard versions of Rezi to help you understand how it could be helping you add efficiencies to your agency that could lead to you saving time and money. 

What The Zap? 

You may have seen my previous blog about Zapier, titled ‘What the Zap?’ but if not you can catch up here 

But in short Zapier is a communication tool that enables different bits of software to communicate with each other via integrations.  

So a few years ago our very clever team developed an integration with Zapier, which has in turn opened up endless possibilities, utilising the webhooks within the Rezi API in conjunction with Zapier you are able to automate repeatable tasks and automatically trigger other software to carry out pre-described actions. Clever integrations (via zapier) to all sorts of software, from Facebook to mailchimp, from xero to acaboom also allows a seamless flow of information and continues the automation process.

Access to this integration is fundamentally what ReziPremium was when it was first launched.  However, as is often the case with this sort of thing many agents were just too busy to learn how to use Zapier and although they wanted the integration and automation they did not have the time to set it up and so now ReziPremium not only gives you access to our Zapier integration it also comes with a host of pre-built workflow automations, some run directly from Rezi, others require a zapier account – but none of them need you to do anything! 

So what comes with Premium? 

So you still get an integration with Zapier and this allows you to get creative and use the Rezi API to utilise our web hooks to control automations and work flows with other tools.  But for those of you who’d rather leave all that to someone else ReziPremium includes the following tools that all work directly from Rezi (click the links to discover more about each tool): 

  1. Market Appraisal Report 


And you also get all of these amazing work flows that we have already created that we can load up in your Zapier account for you: 

  1. Water Marking Images (prior to posting on social media) 
  1. Out of Area Potential Vendor Report (for multi branch agencies) 
  1. Anniversary Workflow 


Not to mention integrations with Acaboom, Xero and Mailchimp! 


But it doesn’t stop here! 

As part of our ongoing work to improve Rezi for our clients we are always working on new ideas and have a number of options available for our customers who want to take things to another level.  For those who have ideas of how they would like to create bespoke automations for their agency but do not have the inclination to set them up themselves in Zapier, we can help turn those ideas into a reality through our professional services team who can help to use the Zapier integration to create exactly what you want. 

Where these ideas may be appreciated by a wider audience our sponsored development service can allow our clients to accelerate the production of features and tools that they want by supporting the development, in return they have the benefit of influencing the development and also receive free or discounted products in return.  For more information about our professional services or sponsored development services (including details of features we already have in the sponsorship pipeline and to find out how you can get involved) contact us today.