How conveyancers and estate agents can help each other achieve

Collaboration between conveyancers and estate agents is crucial for delivering a smooth and successful property transaction. Both professionals bring unique skills and knowledge to the table, but a seamless relationship between them can result in enhanced client experience, increased efficiency, and improved outcomes. 

Laura Liddell, Managing Director of Dezrezlegal gives her top tips on how they can better work together: 

Clear Communication: Establish regular touchpoints for effective communication.    

At Dezrezlegal we ask our property partners how they would like us to provide pipeline updates. We adopt a combination of bulk file load reports on a given day of the week with single file updates as requested by sales progressors.  

Shared Goals & Honest Communication: Be aligned on the shared goal of providing the best possible service to clients.   

In my opinion nothing is more important than this, and we’re actively working on processes that will bring us more closely aligned with our property partners. The efficiency boost provided by sharing monthly target lists and everyone chasing the same goal has had a significant impact on our ability to complete cases quickly. We now complete our files 8 weeks faster than the industry average.    

Utilise Technology: Use technology to improve communication and collaboration.   

Surely everyone is doing this now. Who wants to be swimming in unnecessary email traffic when you could be exchanging standard information digitally over platforms and reducing error. Dezrezlegal are integrated into the Rezi platform for this reason and agents who want access to our CMS platform can – providing them with the ability to upload documents straight to a case. No more lost sales memos 😊 

Build Relationships: Strengthen the working relationship through regular meetings, check-ins, and joint training. 

Dezrezlegal want to talk to our property partners. They have access to information we do not through those chains. We also want to make sure that we all understand how we progress cases and the common pitfalls. We offer free conveyancing and process training and actively encourage it’s take up. 

If you’d like to talk about how Dezrezlegal can help you achieve your goals get in touch today