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Workflows, integrations, custom forms, custom fields  & instant video calls. 
Need another reason to smile? No developers required.
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Why upgrade to Premium?

Workflows & integrations

The biggest problem in PropTech today, is the need for agents to rely on their software providers to create workflow solutions to problems. Imagine if you could create your own workflows and set up your own integrations?  Now You can.

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Custom forms & fields

Imaging having the ability to customize and bespoke your software interface. With intelligent customization you can now build your own data fields. Imagine how it would feel to no longer be  restricted to a pre-built user interface. 

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Rezi Meet - Video Calls

Need to video call but hate logging in and switching apps to do so? We found that annoying too, and so, we developed video chat that's inside the software! Speed up your communications today by accessing them all in one platform.

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Rezi Premium estate agent workflows

​Workflows & Integrations

Rezi's integration with Zapier now means you can build your own workflows or choose from any we have already built, and just start using them. The best bit is... you don't need a developer!

Below are just a few examples of what you can do:

Rezi workflow example Facebook
Rezi workflow example Xero
MailChimp workflow example
Rezi Instagram workflow example
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Custom forms & fields

With Rezi Premium, you're able to customise forms and fields and add them to Rezi. They can be on a property, a contact or even at the point of booking an appointment or registering a client!

Imagine when gathering required information that aids a financial advisor, custom fields can help in checking if a mortgage has been arranged and gather key information to help speed up the process.
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Rezi Premium custom forms & fields
Rezi Meet video conferencing

​Rezi Meet - video calls

With Rezi Meet, you can now make video calls directly from within Rezi!

Video communication has seen a significant rise with it now being the preferred method of communication when needing to complete a meeting. With many companies offering video chat services it's easy to pick one to use, but isn't it annoying needing to sign up for an account, log in, set up calls and ask the recipient to do the same? 

You can carry out video appointments such as viewings and valuations, video call a client for a quick catch up or to update them on progress and also have a video call with one or multiple negotiators. You can have your morning meeting right from within Rezi!

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