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Make the most of every conveyancing opportunity thanks to Rezi's seamless integration with Dezrezlegal. Save time, work more efficiently and earn £100s from every referral. 
Optimize Dezrezlegal Integration

Discover the Rezi & Dezrezlegal Integration

Rezi software has seamlessly integrated with Dezrez's sister company, Dezrezlegal, providing agents with the opportunity to earn hundreds of pounds in revenue on every completion day, while also becoming more efficient and reducing the number of transactions you're required to chase. 

What is Rezi & Dezrezlegal Integration?

In short, Rezi's integration with Dezrezlegal allows you to easily refer customers for a conveyancing estimate right from within the Rezi CRM system. Agents can view real-time updates on major milestones in the conveyancing journey against each customer, property, and in an easy to access centralised list. 

Dezrez and Dezrezlegal Integration

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Our integration helps you save time in sales progressions and spend more time building relationships with customers. You can monitor and report on referral performance of your team, and even easily identify missed revenue opportunities within your CRM.

Watch our video demonstration of the integration to learn more about the system, or get in touch today for a personal software demo from our team. We'll be happy to show you how the integration can help you refer clients to your conveyancer and enjoy lucrative referral fees.

Why Use the Integration?

More efficient sales progressing and a more targeted approach.
Maximise revenue from the conveyancing opportunity stream.
Build an effective relationship with a specialist conveyancing law firm, whilst making the most of what technology can offer.
Add value to customers by integrating milestones into Rezi Anytime.
Create happier customers and fewer transactions
Dezrezlegal Dashboard within Rezi
Dezrezlegal Notifications within Rezi

Enhance Your Agency

Our integration with Dezrezlegal can help boost efficiency and profits for your agency:

We reduce the number of transactions you need to chase with more targeted sales progression.
The system allows for a better working relationship with the conveyancer.
You can highlight missed opportunities and pick up the missed revenue
Record the referral performance of your team and identify those who may need more training or who are missing revenue opportunities
Automate workflows to save time and improve performance.

Put Your Clients in Safe Hands With Dezrezlegal

Agents can reassure buyers and sellers that they are in safe hands with Dezrezlegal. Recognised with the Customer Service Champions Award at the British Conveyancing Awards 2022, Dezrezlegal pride themselves in going above and beyond for their clients. 
With approachable, caring, and proactive teams of solicitors, our sister company's legal and customer service experience means that your clients will be well looked after. With their top quality conveyancing services, Dezrezlegal solicitors ease estate agents' jobs while allowing you to earn a commission fee for every new client referred to their legal services. 

The integration of Dezrezlegal's solicitor services into the Rezi software solution makes it easier than ever before to complete the conveyancing process with a trusted and experienced firm. 

Dezrezlegal in Rezi Solutions

Not sure whether your estate agency can benefit from the Rezi integration with Dezrezlegal? If any of these problems are familiar to you, Rezi software's easy access to our sister company's experienced solicitors is sure to help. 
Problem: Slow conveyancing delays sales
Often, conveyancers join the selling processes after an offer has been accepted on the property. This delays the whole process - the average conveyancing process takes 18 weeks. Meanwhile, the buyer's mortgage may expire, creating logistical and legal problems. 

Solution: Rezi integration prompts referrals for a conveyancing solicitor 

Using the integration, agents can ensure that conveyancers are involved early, streamlining sales for buyers and sellers. The software asks agents if they want to refer to a conveyancer at multiple stages, helping you involve conveyancing services with just a few clicks.

With the integration of conveyancing software into Rezi, conveyancing becomes part of the sales process rather than an obstacle that hinders it. This allows estate agents and conveyancers to work more effectively together to assist the sale of properties. 
Problem: The conveyancing process can feel frustrating and complicated for everyone
Whether it's first time buyers wanting to move into their dream home, sellers wanting to make a sale quickly, or agents impatient about reaching the completion date, the process of conveyancing with a solicitor can seem complicated and frustrating. 

Solution: the integration keeps all information and a detailed timeline in an easy-to-use CRM

The Dezrezlegal integration streamlines sales and conveyancing by holding all information in the centralised CRM. With client and property information such as valuations and mortgage details easily accessible in the client portal, Rezi keeps everyone up to date. 

Moreover, a detailed timeline keeps all parties up to date to ensure a smooth and efficient conveyancing process every step of the way. Conveyancing practices have never been more transparent! 
Problem: Linking buyers to conveyancing services can be a drain on agents time
Communicating back and forth with conveyancers, buyers and sellers can drain agents' time. After chasing buyers and conveyancers to initiate the process, searching for documents and contact details is a hassle that all estate agents are familiar with. 

Solution: the integration saves time with automated workflows and centralised communication

Easy-to-use communication dashboards keep agents updated on documents submitted and requested, removing the need for chasing of different parties. At specified trigger points, conveyancing lawyers are notified by Rezi to contact clients and recommend their services.
Problem: Conversion rates from conveyancing referrals are low
Agents recommending conveyancing services often experience poor conversion rates. Moreover, buyers may suspect that solicitors are only being recommended so agents can earn a fee, making them reluctant to use the solicitor. 

Solution: recommendations at key points in the process boost conversions

With Dezrezlegal and Rezi's conveyance software integration, buyers are directed towards conveyancers at crucial moments. This increases the conversion rate, benefiting the agents making commission as well as the conveyancing solicitors gaining incoming clients. 

Want to learn more about how the Dezrezlegal Rezi integration can solve your agency's problems? Read our blog post to learn how recommended conveyancers can create a smooth sales process. 


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