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Thanks to our partnership with Credas, agents can order AML checks and store reports directly within Rezi estate agency software!
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AML Check Software

Our AML checks: What to expect

Our products and third-party integrations are always developed to make your life easier as an estate agent and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks. As such, our AML checks are...
• No minimum spend
• No commitment
• No minimum checks
• Affordable & compliant
• Fully integrated

​WATCH: How does it work?

Ordering AML Checks has never been easier! With just a few clicks, you can remain compliant by ordering and storing anti-money laundering checks within Rezi. Check out the demonstration video to see the integration in action, and how it could benefit your estate agency.
Using Rezi AML Check Software

Using Rezi AML checks

When you mark a property as being 'instructed for sale', the Rezi system will automatically allow you to order a Credas AML check. Through our workflow engine, you can then invite the client to carry out an AML check using an automated email. The client then verifies their details via the check. Once this is complete, you'll receive a pop-up notification in Rezi to let you know, and the information within your dashboards will let you know that it has been submitted. You can approve or reject this, and the document will store within your system.
Why Use Rezi AML Check Software

Why use Rezi & Credas?

Rezi and Credas have come together to provide a seamless AML check system right from within your CRM software. Rather than using an external, third-party system every time you need to do an AML check, why not do it inside Rezi? With this offering, you will save time, money and resource, all while meeting your legal legal Anti-Money Laundering Obligations as an estate agent.

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