Top 5 Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2023
Discover our top 5 recommended apps for estate agents looking to grow, automate and better manage their business.
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Easy Estate Agent Data Transfer with Rezi Linkz

Are you an estate agent looking to upgrade your estate agent software but worried about losing all of your client and property data during the migration process? Fear not, as Rezi Linkz is here to make your life easier in 5 simple steps. Our purpose-built migration tool is designed to automatically ...

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5 Auto Banking Software Benefits for Estate Agents
Get an insight into some of the key benefits that auto banking software brings to estate agents, including establishing effective workflows, reduced costs, and much more.
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Simplify Property Management with ReziPM
Speed up daily tasks with Rezi Property Management. An all-in-one cloud based estate agent software solution.
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Open API Benefits for Rezi Agents | Interview
Rezi estate agency software is cloud-based and boasts an Open API, which allows for seamless integrations with third-party software providers and endless automation opportunities for our agents. 

But what exactly is an Open API and how does it benefit estate agents using Rezi?
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