5 Ways to Future Proof Your Estate Agency

20.10.21 11:09 AM Comment(s)

As we navigate through the changes of post-pandemic life,  the property industry has continued to adapt and evolve at steady pace . What COVID-19 highlighted was that outdated sales and lettings practices  resulted in many high street estate agents unable to continue with traditional processes, such as in-person meetings, physical marketing campaigns and traditional paper advertisements. 

Online property searches are increasingly becoming potential customers' port-of-call with Rightmove reporting a record-breaking two billion minutes spent on the site in March 2021.

Future Proof Your Estate Agency with Software

Agents who adapted to the needs of digital customers in the face of the pandemic - especially those who already had an online framework in place - saw increased interest and engagement online as clients prepared to sell their properties or relocate. 

According to online studies buyer demand per property now sits comfortably at double pre-pandemic levels, , and the importance of digitising your estate agency has never been clearer. Using technology to enhance the service your estate agency provides to clients when selling or letting a property, whether through social media channels, property CRM tools or estate agency software, not only future-proofs your real estate business but streamlines your workload and drives revenue. 

Cloud-based estate agency software underlies many of the effective methods you can implement to future-proof your real estate business. Digitalising the day-to-day workflows for your estate agency provides your agents the ability to work flexibly, efficiently and on-the-go, so you can focus on what you do best: selling and letting homes. At Dezrez, we offer different software packages for your agency's workflow and CRM needs, no matter the size of your business.

Keep reading to find out our 5 top tips to future proof your estate agency... 

#1: Get personal

This would seemingly contradict a 'digital approach'. Though more and more clients are looking for properties online, people respond to people. Whether buying or letting, moving house is a big life decision for your clients and they want to trust the agent who's selling to them.

The housing market is fiercely competitive so engaging with your client portfolio on a more personal level could give you  the edge. This could be as simple as putting a headshot  at the end of your custom email signatures or being present and consistent in your social media marketing. 

Future Proof Your Business with Rezi
Don't underestimate the influence of social media and advertising campaigns to grow your online presence. Increasingly, buyers and tenants use platforms like Facebook and Instagram as a starting point for their property search, so utilise the power of social media when selling or letting a home.

We don't mean starting an Instagram and posting the latest listings without rhyme or reason - engage with your client base and build a rapport so your potential buyers or tenants don't feel like your agency is just chasing a fee. Get creative when using social media platforms for marketing: offer Q&A sessions to provide advice and expertise, host live open houses or even create TikToks of your top 10 listings that week - the possibilities are endless. 

To make things easier, with Rezi, you can set up workflow triggers to post to social media channels automatically. 

#2: Offer virtual tours and viewings

Such a simple addition to your online selling and marketing strategy is a virtual service. Let's face it, over the last 18 months, we've all gotten pretty comfortable on our sofas. Offering virtual viewings, 360 images and video tours in listings immediately engages prospective buyers and tenants in your properties before booking an in-person viewing. 

For estate agents, this is a blessing, as the prospective customer already has realistic expectations of the property before viewing, saving you time and effort in converting sales and securing fees. Sellers will be immediately impressed with your service, particularly if you use new technology such as drones in recording content, not just your iPhone camera!

A user-focused online experience will see improved customer experience and conversion as offering buyers easy-to-use, modern elements in the sales process which demonstrates your agency's commitment to industry standards. 

#3: 100% response rates

This one sounds redundant, but you'd be surprised just how many buyer queries and expressions of interest slip through the net. We get it, estate agents are extremely busy people. That's why using estate agent software is so valuable, allowing you to easily manage client communication in an all-in-one CRM software. Rezi estate agents software streamlines your email communications, producing tailored email campaigns for lead generation, automated calendar syncing and instant SMS alerts. 

Positive customer experience will organically grow your pipeline through online and word-of-mouth reviews. Combine this with an engaging email campaign for prospective leads and lead management and stay on your client's mind. A positive chain of user experience can boost your credibility and revenue. 

Particularly in lettings agencies  that offer property management, the software is a crucial addition to your toolbox to ensure all clients are heard. Contact management is tough, but property management software can ensure no query or maintenance issue is left behind! 

#4: Happy agents, happy clients

Now more than ever, people are valuing a better work life balance. Cloud-based estate agency software allows agents to work remotely and on-the-go without missing a beat. 

The return to the office is a welcome sight for many agents, but those with family commitments or a timely commute will appreciate the ability to work more flexibly around their  schedules. 

A team that  feels valued and trusted to do their work flexibly will provide better customer service to buyers and tenants, promoting increased rapport and revenue for the business. A clear win-win! 

Happy estate agents

If you've enjoyed the flexibility of remote work during the pandemic, becoming a hybrid estate agency could be the next step in future-proofing your estate agency. With Rezi Anytime, you can compete with online estate agencies, improve the efficiency of daily tasks and provide  clients with excellent user experiences and customer service 24/7.

#5: Have room to grow

Don't limit your real estate business. For a future proof estate agency, you're going to need future proof estate agency software - a tool that can adapt to the scalability of your business. 

Our Rezi software packages offer upgrade options from small start-ups to multi-branch enterprise agencies. Our software packages enable you to grow without restraint, taking care of the day-to-day admin and paperwork which can slow you down with automated and integrated workflows.

Future-proof agencies are digitised agencies

Future-proofing your estate agency is an ongoing process that requires consistent attention. A good estate agency can quickly fall behind without following market and customer trends with the latest technology. It's impossible to see into the future, , but utilising the best estate agency software to its fullest potential is a pretty great way to ensure your real estate business stays ahead of the game. 

The future of the property market  means embracing change whilst being able to quickly and efficiently adapt to new challenges. Technology is already transforming the landscape of  a once traditional market. Cloud-based estate agent software is the future of real estate. Take a look at our free software packages e-book here for more information on the variety of solutions we offer here at Dezrez – from Rezi to Rezi Enterprise and ReziPM

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