Scottish Estate Agent Software Features Within Rezi

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At Dezrez, we aim to ‘connect the property world’ by providing estate agent software packages, products and services that cater to all property professionals – and that naturally includes those in Scotland!

We understand that things work a little differently in Scotland, compared with the rest of the UK, and therefore offer dedicated features specifically designed for estate agents in Scotland.
Scottish Estate Agent Software
Rezi, in short, is an estate agent software solution to help property professionals manage the day-to-day running of their agency, automate tasks, improve client satisfaction and ultimately win more instructions! Our software covers sales, lettings and even property management, so you can manage your estate agency business under one roof. 

Estate agents, in general, often have to keep multiple balls in the air as they juggle customer service and legal requirements, while attempting to win more instructions. Scottish agents, in particular, must add Closing Dates and Notes of Interest to the mix to make things even more difficult. But fear not, Rezi estate agency software has you covered...

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Scottish features within Rezi CRM software

The dedicated Scottish features within Rezi centre around Notes of Interest and Closing Date

To access the Scottish estate agent software features, Rezi users must simply choose “Scotland” under “Region Settings”.  

Once the Region Settings have been set to Scotland, users will find helpful workflows for both Notes of Interest and Closing Date, giving them a more efficient and streamlined experience during the offer process that keeps it moving and helps improve close rates. 

Scottish estate agent software

It is important to note that, although not legally binding, Notes of Interest and Closing Dates do require solicitors and/or estate agents to take certain actions, regardless of whether the buyer or seller’s agent is a solicitor or non-solicitor estate agent. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion, lost sales and lost clients, non-solicitor agents should also follow the guidelines of the Law Society of Scotland when it comes to these matters. 

For example, someone attempting to “gazump” or “gazunder” would require a solicitor to withdraw from acting, which could throw an entire negotiation into disarray for everyone involved – solicitors and non-solicitors alike. 

Estate agency software for Scottish property professionals 

Notes of Interest

Often used in Scottish real estate, a Note of Interest indicates to a seller that someone is interested in purchasing their property. If the seller’s agent is using Rezi estate agency software, they can then enter that info into Rezi’s database and see at a glance from their dashboard how many Notes of Interest they have received on a property. 

With the click of a button, they can see who sent the note, when it was sent, and any action that’s been taken, keeping all the relevant details updated and their fingertips. This helps make your life easier as a Scottish estate agent, as we provide you with the information you need instantly. 
Note of Interest & Closing Date Scotland Software

Since a single property can receive multiple Notes of Interest, being able to keep them in a single centralised location within your Rezi CRM will help keep everyone updated on the offer process, so it’s a highly valuable tool for all Scottish agents. Any changes can be updated instantly across all channels, helping to avoid confusion and keeping the process moving forward smoothly. With Rezi’s help, you will no longer waste time making sure everyone knows what’s going on – our cloud-based system will ensure keep all your agents in the loop. 

Closing Dates

The Law Society’s guidelines state that the seller’s agent should make all efforts to notify anyone who has noted interest so that they can make an offer before the time and date listed for the Closing Date. This is where Rezi can help make your life easier. Since Rezi keeps all information related to Notes of Interest updated instantly within your cloud-based CRM, sending out notifications to every single one of the interested parties is straightforward. 

Rezi streamlines this process with automated workflows so that agents create a single notification and then automatically send it to all interested parties with the relevant information already pre-populated. Your CRM works for you, allowing the offer process to continue moving forward so that you can focus less on paperwork and more on closing the sale. 

Rezi Anytime – a 24/7 client login portal 

In addition to the two Scottish features within Rezi, we also offer Rezi Anytime – our vendor/client log in area. 

Rezi Anytime gives your client 24/7 access to sales progression updates, allows them to manage appointments, and even sign and upload documents online. Clients are also able to record details of their property search and also view the results of existing property searches, and view their current notes of interest. 

Take your agency to a new level with Rezi estate agent software and Rezi Anytime today! 

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