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Estate agency software has become an indispensable tool in the real estate market, offering advanced capabilities for managing and growing your sales and lettings business. Let's explore its definition, functionalities, best options on the market, and how to effectively use it for lead generation.

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What Does Estate Agent Software Do?

CRM software for estate agents typically includes several key features that are essential for effective client management and business operations.


Key functionalities of estate agent software include:


Contact Management: This feature allows estate agents to store and manage all client information, including contact details, communication history, and preferences, in one centralized location. It ensures easy access to client data, enhancing personalization and efficiency in client interactions.


Property Listing Management: Estate agents can manage their property listings directly within the CRM. This includes adding new properties, updating existing listings, and removing sold properties. Integration with portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and on the market for live updates is often a part of this feature.


Lead Generation and Tracking: The software typically has tools for capturing leads from various sources, tracking their progress through the sales funnel, and identifying potential opportunities for follow-up. This is crucial for nurturing leads and converting them into sales.


Task and Appointment Scheduling: CRM software often includes calendar and scheduling tools, allowing agents to organize viewings, appointments, and follow-ups efficiently. Automated reminders help in managing these tasks without missing critical interactions.


Reporting and Analytics: Advanced CRMs offer reporting and analytics capabilities, providing insights into sales performance, client engagement, market trends, and more. These analytics are vital for making informed business decisions and strategizing future marketing and sales efforts.


Scalability and Customization: Designed to scale according to the growing needs of the agency, with customizable features to align with specific business needs and operations.

The Best Estate Agent Software

Dezrez offers industry leading solutions that help estate agents to save time, drive leads and increase ROI using a powerful CRM system built with an open API. Designed for estate agencies of all sizes its solutions include Rezi, Rezi Enterprise and Rezi Property Management. Rezi also has an additional client portal that enables clients to access documents, saved properties, view key milestones and sales progression 24/7.

Rezi: A Comprehensive Solution for Estate Agents

Rezi offers a full suite of tools essential for modern estate agents. Key features include:

Lead Management: Rezi’s Leadz Inerceptor Tool captures, qualifies, and prioritizes leads, ensuring agents can effectively target potential clients.

Automated Workflows: Features such as automated SMS for viewing feedback and no-show workflows save time and enhance customer service​.​ Through these workflows Rezi agents have saved time and reduced costs incurred, proving automation as a lucrative investment for the business.

Enhanced Market Appraisal Presentations: Empowers agents with tools to create compelling, data-driven presentations for prospective clients, increasing the chances of winning listings.

Robust Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with a wide array of third-party applications and services, such as Zapier, Credas, and Dezrezlegal enhancing the software’s capability to handle and speed up diverse business processes.

Rezi Enterprise: Tailored for Larger Agencies

Rezi Enterprise is specifically designed for larger real estate agencies and complex business operations, offering:

Enhanced Customization for Large Scale Operations: Rezi Enterprise offers advanced customization options specifically designed for large-scale operations, allowing for more complex workflow configurations and user permissions that suit the diverse needs of bigger agencies.


Sophisticated Reporting and Analytics for Multi-Branch Management: This version provides more sophisticated reporting and analytics tools, crucial for managing multiple branches. These tools offer deeper insights into performance metrics across different locations and departments.


Greater Integration Capabilities with Enterprise-Level Systems: Rezi Enterprise supports broader integration with enterprise-level systems and third-party applications through access to its Open API. Thus, facilitating seamless data exchange and operational efficiency for large organizations with complex IT infrastructures.


Both Rezi and Rezi Enterprise stand out for their capability to transform real estate business practices, offering tailored solutions for different sizes and types of agencies.

ReziPM: Property Management Software

ReziPM is a modern property management solution, offering:


Compliance and Regulation Management: Helps in staying compliant with regulations and managing all property management tasks efficiently​​.

Fully Compliant Accounting Systems: Includes built-in property management accounting software, ensuring compliance with client money protection schemes​​.

Pre-Tenancy & Management: Streamlines the rental process and tenancy progression, managing tenant move-ins, rental agreements, and rent collection while ensuring legislative compliance​​.

Property Maintenance Management: Simplifies maintenance management, allowing agents to manage maintenance jobs, assign contractors, and update the status of repairs​​.

Property Inspections and Certificates: Manages property inspections and ensures compliance with various safety certificates and licenses​​.

Integrated Auto-Banking: Streamlines financial transactions, enabling efficient money management while ensuring full compliance with financial regulations.
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How to Use Estate Agent Software for Advanced Lead Generation

In today's competitive real estate market, mastering the art of advanced lead generation is essential for success. Estate agent software, such as Dezrez, offers a transformative solution, equipping agents with sophisticated tools to not only attract but also effectively manage potential leads

Estate Agency Dashboards

Dezrez's Rezi dashboards offer a comprehensive company overview, presenting a real-time snapshot of sales pipelines, client interactions, and market trends. These dashboards provide valuable insights that help agents to prioritize leads, tailor their sales tactics, and monitor the overall health of their business operations.

Integration with Third-Party Apps

The integration with third-party tools enhances the lead generation process further. For instance, integrating with Acaboom assists in creating bespoke market appraisal presentations, enhancing client engagement during the initial stages of contact. DezrezLegal integration streamlines the conveyancing process, offering a seamless experience for both agents and clients. Furthermore, Rezi agents can benefit from a lucrative revenue stream through their referral rewards scheme. Rezi’s integration with Zapier enables connectivity with a vast array of additional tools and platforms, allowing agents to automate tasks and improve workflow efficiency. It’s never been easier to extract data from Rezi for use of property advertising via Facebook and Instagram or data collection via Google Sheets. 

Leadz Interceptor Tool for Stand Out Lead Generation

A critical feature in Dezrez is the Rezi Leadz Interceptor tool. This innovative tool captures leads from various sources and channels them into the Rezi system, ensuring no potential lead is missed. This tool is invaluable in managing and nurturing leads from initial contact to final sale.

Automated SMS for Client Feedback and Viewing Confirmation

The use of automated SMS workflows in Dezrez significantly enhances client engagement. By automating follow-ups, appointment reminders, and updates via SMS, agents can maintain constant communication with potential leads. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that clients receive timely and relevant information, fostering trust and improving the chances of lead conversion.

External Software to Drive Lead Traffic

Lastly, software such as Google Analytics plays a crucial role in advanced business lead generation. Google Analytics enables agents to track visitor behaviour on their websites, understand traffic sources, and gauge the effectiveness of their online listings and marketing campaigns, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize lead generation strategies.


The integration of estate agent software has emerged as a pivotal factor for estate agency business success and operational excellence. Solutions such as Rezi, Rezi Enterprise and ReziPM, developed by Dezrez, exemplify comprehensive systems that cater to the multifaceted needs of real estate professionals. These estate agent software platforms are instrumental in refining client management, enhancing lead generation strategies, optimizing property management, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The adoption of these advanced tools marks a strategic investment in technological innovation, propelling agencies towards greater efficiency, growth, and competitive edge in the market. 

Estate agent software, in essence, is not merely a technological tool; it represents a commitment to progressive business practices and customer-centric service models imperative for agencies aiming to maintain relevance and achieve long-term success. For a detailed walkthrough of Rezi estate agent software solution visit our booking calendar here.
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