Top 5 Benefits of Estate Agent Automated Workflows

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There's no denying that estate agents find themselves in an industry where a personal touch goes a long way in the eyes of clients. Unfortunately, agents often find themselves too bogged down with endless administration tasks to provide the best service and truly connect with customers. Manually copying, watermarking and posting property listings to social media? Remembering to send feedback requests? Following up on leads? Even the most ambitious agents just don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done and manage to go above and beyond in their jobs. 

That's where automation software to streamline estate agency workflows comes in. With our cloud-based CRM Rezi Premium, your agency can automate a range of workflows that take the administrative burden from estate agents. To achieve this, we've seamlessly integrated Rezi with Zapier, a powerful workflow automation too. Zapier uses an API (application planning interface), allowing you to connect your software with it for automation of workflows and processes from your Zapier dashboard. 

But how exactly can a CRM and Zapier app integration help manage your workflows? Here are the top 5 benefits of using Rezi and Zapier's software integration as a cost-effective way to automate your business processes. 

Estate Agency Software


  • Automation software saves time on workflows
  • Eliminate human error with automation
  • Business processes operate 24/7
  • Enable consistency and communication
  • Provide better customer service
  • Why use Rezi Premium with Zapier integration?

Automation software saves time on workflows

Daily administrative duties can be a time-consuming headache for estate agents, keeping them tied to their desks doing boring admin instead of matching people with their dream properties. With automated workflows, estate agents no longer have to spend the majority of their time doing work they don't enjoy and can focus on the most important part of the job: selling and letting properties. 

With Rezi Sales and Lettings Estate Agent software with Zapier integration, you can automate a series of actions triggered by an event - these are referred to as 'zaps'.

For example, if you're an estate agent who is tired of manually posting new properties to separate social media accounts, you can free up a lot of your time by creating a zap workflow to do it for you. This way, a zap is triggered when a new property is created in Rezi, setting in action a workflow where the information is posted on social media apps instantly. 

Or, if you're tired of creating and managing spreadsheets, there are workflows that can automate the process of tracking leads generated by Facebook Ads by automatically putting them in Google Sheets. With a new spreadsheet row for each ad, it's easier to manage prospects and see real results. In short, workflow automation allows agents to take back control of their time, letting them work more strategically and achieve better results. 

Eliminate human error with automation

When we transfer data by hand, it's inevitable that small errors will sneak in. Usually, it's not a problem but sometimes a mistake in a potential lead's phone number or email address can result in a missed opportunity and the loss of a deal.

When you automate data flow in your real estate CRM, it's easier to ensure accuracy and reliability. For example, you can create a zap to automatically put leads from your Facebook Ads on a Mailchimp list, making it easier than ever to follow up on leads without any risk of mistakes. 

Another option is to use Zapier to automatically add form submissions or emails to a spreadsheet or Google Doc, making it easier to manage information all in one place. You can also use zaps to connect with Google Drive and Google Calendar, and web apps like Trello. With no need to manually input and transfer information between different apps, you can feel comfortable that all information is accurate and up to date. Plus, with the Rezi real estate agent software and Zapier integration's simple web-based drag and drop interface, it's easier than ever to manage information with complete accuracy. 

Business processes operate 24/7

With Zapier, workflows are awake even when you're not. The software app runs 24/7, automating processes, sending out responses, transferring data, and triggering actions. With workflow automation, lead management continues at all hours, bringing in new customers and clients even while your agency staff are out of the office. 

One of the key benefits of automating estate agents' workflows is that feedback messages can be sent at any time. By creating triggers based on viewing times in your calendar app, agents can create zaps where the software will automatically send a feedback request a determined number of hours after the viewing, even if that's after the end of an agents' workday. A further Zapier automation can seamlessly send that information to the homeowner, letting them access the feedback without the agent having to do anything at all. 

You can also schedule zaps to only operate at certain times or to stop after a particular date. This gives you total control over workflows. 

Enable consistency in communication

With workflow automation software, you can ensure that tasks and workflows are completed efficiently and consistently across the board. For example, workflow software makes it easy to apply watermarks to images before posting to social media, making sure that there are never mistakes or inconsistencies. 

When you automate welcome emails to new clients and update emails to existing ones, your software can ensure that everyone receives the same level of professionalism and attention. Workflow automation, therefore, makes it easier to stay on top of contact management and lead generation; it helps you connect with leads, meaning that no potential customers or clients fall through the cracks. 

Provide better customer service

A further benefit of automating workflows using workflow management software is that it can impress your clients. Of course, they don't know what CRM software you're using, but they'll certainly notice and appreciate the personalized real-time responses and the automated creation of Zoom meetings which take all the stress out of their property hunting process. Workflow automation means that they'll no longer have to wait around until an agent finds the time to reply because meetings are created automatically. 

Creating excellent customer service is a key part of ensuring that the relationship between agents and tenants is as good as it can possibly be. Automation of your workflows makes customers feel prioritized and valued, meaning that they're more likely to make a purchase. Estate agents can and should still provide a human element, of course, but automation software will take the general admin off agents' hands so they can focus on providing a truly thoughtful and personalized experience. 

Why use Rezi Premium with Zapier integration?

With Zapier integration, Rezi Premium offers a simple and efficient way to automate tasks from emailing new clients and feedback gathering automation, to using new property listings to trigger social media posts. If learning to use a workflow management tool seems intimidating, don't worry: software onboarding is made easy because we offer a dedicated project manager to help guide you through the process. 

As a no-code tool, this integration add-on is easy to use, all you must do is drag and drop to create zaps. You can choose from our pre-made ready-to-use workflows or automate your own zaps in line with the needs and goals of your agency. This means that it couldn't be easier to automate your workflows and achieve a wide range of benefits. 

More and more estate agencies are choosing cloud-based workflow automation software to stay competitive in the current climate. As Stuart Bern wrote recently in Forbes, 'as the [Covid-19] pandemic continues to alter life as everyone knows it, the need for real estate technology remains greater than ever. As a result, this segment of the industry is bound to see growth and expansion in the coming year and beyond.' 

Are you interested in seeing for yourself how industry-leading Rezi and Zapier software can streamline your agency's workflows? Book a demo of Rezi Premium today.