Incredible New Feature of ReziPremium

Leads Interceptor Tool

We are super excited to be able to announce the launch of an exciting new feature within ReziPremium that will help you manage your leads.  As viewing and valuation leads come through from your website Rezi will contact the client and confirm you have received the lead and request some additional qualification information, simultaneously it feeds the lead through to a brand new widget on your Rezi Dashboard.

The widget then immediately filters sales and lettings and viewings and valuations allowing your team to prioritise which leads they should deal with first.  Even better you have all the information you need to handle the enquiry all on one screen and can even log calls, send email or send SMS all from the same screen.  If the applicant has completed the pre-qualification form that information all gets pulled through to the same screen too, allowing you to see what their situation is 

When it comes to handling valuation requests it just keeps getting better, as Rezi will pull up a satellite image of the area where the property is and show you other properties you are marketing in that area

and it even gives you the option to pull up a Street View, or Map View

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