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What is Zapier?

Zapier is our chosen integration partner. It's a tool that connects Rezi with thousands of other products. It's a powerful Workflow and automation engine.

We have integrated our API webhooks into Zapier so you can integrate Rezi with the products you already use everyday - and some you don't.

The best bit is that no developers are needed! All you need is a Zapier Account & Rezi Premium.

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​Example workflows to save time, money and make you look awesome to your customers!

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Facebook workflow example

Post properties on to Facebook

As soon as you choose to market a property, the workflow kicks in and automatically posts it to your Facebook.
Mailchimp workflow example

Add new Rezi Contacts to Mailchimp

As soon as a new applicant or vendor is added to Rezi they are automatically added to your Mailchimp marketing software.
Instagram workflow example

Add new properties to Instagram

As soon as you want to market a property, this workflow automatically sends the property to your Instagram page!
Outlook workflow example on Rezi

Integrate Rezi with Microsoft Products

Because Rezi is on Zapier you can now easily automatically integrate with a whole suite of Microsoft products.
Zoom meeting integration example

Create Zoom meetings  Automatically

Set up Zoom meetings for client calls or even internal staff using Rezi's powerful workflow engine.
Example of Google workflow

Send data straight to Google sheets

When anything happens in Rezi, record it automatically in Google sheets to use in other products like Google Studio reporting!
Xero connected with Rezi

Create contacts & invoices in Xero

When you need to invoice a client, automatically create their details in Xero and generate an Invoice.
Twitter and Rezi workflow example

Post a property to Twitter

As soon as you choose to market a property, the workflow kicks in and automatically posts it to your Twitter timeline.
Sending SMS or Email workflow

Send SMS or Emails Automatically

Automatically send welcome texts or emails to clients or tell them you've done something on their property. The list is endless!
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