EPC Graph Generator for Estate Agents

To help estate agents and property professionals improve efficiency, Rezi customers can now access and order Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data instantly from the government's website within the software, with no hassle whatsoever thanks to our integration with GOTO

Energy Performance Certificate in Rezi

Instant access to EPC data

Estate agents can now access and order Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for properties from within the Rezi software, improving efficiency and saving you valuable time. Rather than searching for the EPC data for each and every property individually, Rezi allows estate agents to gather EPC data for properties from the government database with just a click of a button. 

Past and current EPC inspections

Using Rezi software, estate agents are able to retrieve previous and existing EPC inspection data available on the government's database. The data you receive includes information on heating, lighting, fuel and flooring. Agents will also have access to details regarding costs and even recommendations on how the energy performance can be improved.

EPC Inspection Data

Watch how it works

With Rezi estate agents in mind, our EPC integration has been set up to work as fluidly and as easily as possible. Watch the video to find out more about EPC in Rezi. 

If you are interested in using Rezi estate agent software, simply book a demo today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Order EPCs from within Rezi!

Our integration with GOTO Group means that estate agents can now order EPC forms from within the Rezi software with just a few clicks. Ordering an EPC form is easily done thanks to our seamless integration. Watch our demo video to see how the integration works, and our registration video to see how quickly you can set it up within your CRM.


Pull data directly into Rezi

All Rezi users will have the ability to view any EPC data that exists within the government database, regardless of the software package they have. 

Additionally, Rezi Premium customers will have the ability to pull relevant EPC data directly into Rezi itself at the click of a button.

Interested in EPC generation for Estate Agents?

Energy Performance Certificate in Rezi

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