Automation for Digital Real Estate Success

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We live in a world where many tasks and processes are completely automated. We’re able to post cross channels on social media, set up auto-banking for goods and bills and utilise thousands of market place apps to aid us in our daily lives. With technology playing such a vital role in our personal lives there’s no wonder agents are asking for automation and freedom from their CRM. 

How are agents able to connect to 1000s of marketplace apps?

Rezi CRM software is built with an open API meaning that we can offer you freedom to utilise and automate third party apps from within the software, those that that you have grown to rely on. Rezi now sits alongside world famous software products allowing an agent to build their own workflows and integrations with just a few clicks, with NO developers required! 


Using Zapier’s key functionality this offers companies and individuals the ability to create zaps consisting of triggers and actions that are able to pull information from Rezi and connect this information with apps like Facebook, Twilio and Mail Chimp in a sleek automated workflow.


The automation of mundane and repetitive tasks not only frees up your time meaning you have more time to focus on your clients but eliminates a cramped workload. Zapier also guarantees consistency of processes and manages workflow productivity in autopilot. 

Estate Agents & Zapier Automation

How are agents using Zapier to speed up daily tasks?

In its simplest form, Zapier is an integration platform that allows users to automate workflows. For example, if there are two or more apps that you send information to and from on a regular basis, the chances are that this task can be automated.

e.g. When a property’s details are updated in your CRM, a Zap (trigger) can be automated using Zapier, that will instruct Facebook to automatically update the relevant information hosted on its site for that property. Therefore, removing the task of logging into Facebook and moving back and forth apps to ensure data transfer is consistent, whilst manually updating the details necessary. With Zapier you work smarter not harder.

Check out our library of custom real estate zaps that we’ve created for our agents to get started:

Examples of Estate Agency Automation Zaps

What does a Zap look like?

A Zap is an automated workflow. Zaps connect your software with apps. A Zap sequence will always contain a trigger step, for example when someone submits a form one or more action steps, for example, send an automated thank you email to all submission enquiries. When you turn your Zap on, this sequence of triggers and actions will happen every time that you require it too.

For more information on which Zaps real estate agents are using visit Zapier’s guide.

Zapier Rezi Integration

Zapier means you never miss another opportunity

Zapier takes the pressure off when trying to remember which platforms and apps need to be updated each time a different property or document changes. Managing large volumes of work and data can be daunting. Zapier takes the ‘thinking’ work out for you and ensures workflow consistency within the organisation. Zapier works on autopilot so you don’t have to.

How do Zaps know when to switch on and off?

Zaps only happen when triggered (automatically instructed via a set-up). A zap will run constantly until otherwise instructed to. The same process will happen each time a trigger is created with no variable in the outcome action.

However, it is possible to schedule a Zap too. Zapier has an app called ‘Schedule by Zapier’. This app lets you pick a selected time and date for your Zap to be turned on. This works best when a trigger needs to operate as a one off, or the trigger/ actions are likely changeable each month, year or season.

Deliver better customer service and sell more properties

With many agencies now running as hybrid or online businesses it’s key that as soon as a home buyer engages with your posts that you are notified. In an ever increasing and competitive market being notified in real time can mean the difference of securing the deal or not.

For example,  you may want to run a Facebook Ad campaign to attract new leads and be notified at instantly and at anytime, whenever an action is completed.

With Zapier you can set a trigger or a ‘Zap’ to subscribe all new Facebook Ad leads to a Mailchimp list automatically. With this Zap in place, there’s no need to manually input data or flick between apps to collate information. It also means that even when your away from the office, Zapier is still working, making sure those leads are detailed in one place, ready for you to pick up when you’re ready. With Zapier this requires absolutely no coding experience. With handy user guides and step by step zap set up forms, everything is created through one platform that integrates with over 2000+ apps.

Cloud Software Automation

It’s time to take control of your workflows

From what we have heard from our customers using Zapier to automate tasks from their Rezi software it seems that the future for real estate agencies isn’t offering longer opening hours but utilising better automation tools. Why do the work when a Zap can do it for you? Zapier and Rezi truly are speeding up agents response times, ensuring company workflow consistency and revolutionising the time spent on entering data across multiple platforms every time a status is updated.  

Head over to our Rezi Premium & Zapier web page for more information.


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