Dezrez & Sprift: Helping Agents Win Instructions

05.05.21 10:46 AM Comment(s)

In response to agents searching for the latest tools on the market to win more instructions, Dezrez has integrated with leading PropTech suppliers Sprift.

Sprift provides comprehensive property reports with over 100 data points for over 28 million UK properties. These data points include information such as transport links, photos, floorplans, leasehold information and more.

Dezrez integrate with Sprift

Seamless access for agents within the software 

All agents on Rezi Software can now access Sprift reports directly from the main dashboard (actions tab) and view any property at the click of a button. During our recent webinar with Kerfuffle, Lee Mann, Bond Residential explained how Sprift was “easily embedded into in-house systems with Rezi.” 

Many times agents like the look of a new tool that aids the buying and selling process, however it’s not always feasible to fit it into everyday operations within the business. That’s why the development teams innovative solution to these common problems, means that both parties have been able to seamlessly integrate Sprift into Rezi’s software, using their open API’s. 

The benefits of an open API for estate agents

Using an open API allows access to these comprehensive reports without the need to set up or remember new passwords and usernames, the integration can easily be rolled out to the company as a new function within the software they already use. View the integration demo now:

Buyers are also asking more questions than ever before, like broadband speed, size of land, council tax rates, things that are not always given to an agent when they are completing a viewing. This in the past has meant a lot of back and forth to get those answers. Being able to see all of the data for a property, all in one place, also means that property marketing also just got a whole lot easier.

Key facts for buyers property reporting

With sleek, comprehensive reports showcase a property to a client knowing all of the information, meaning no question goes unanswered. With the ‘Key Facts for Buyers’ report accessed through a simple plug-in agents can explore a level of data that has never been available before. Sprift’s property reports for estate agents can also be emailed out prior to the viewing as an added bonus for stepping ahead of the competition and winning the deal. 

Through the use of data, Sprift’s purpose is to better inform real estate agents and house buyers, and fundamentally reduce transaction time when completing on a property. This competitive edge helps sales and letting agents win, on average, 22% more instructions and with 2-3 weeks saved in the sales process.

Win more instruction with Sprift property reports

As a vendor, an agent that’s using Sprift’s comprehensive property reports within their CRM software means that they aren’t just relying on the same information fed from websites that other estate agencies will also be using. No vendor wants to hear the same information 3 or 4 times. 

With these unique and vastly detailed reports, agents aren’t offering a ‘best price guide’, they are now able to give a detailed report that allows a vendor insight into the real key facts and selling points of a property, answering questions that buyers want to know – ultimately closing the deal more quickly. All from within their estate agent software!

Sprift and Rezi’s integration is a cloud enabled solution

In the recent Kerfuffle webinar, Lee Mann also explained a very important and apparent feeling in today’s property market. He reflected on how you can buy many things but you “can’t buy time.” Lots of the valuation information can now be completed at the site itself or in the car before heading back to the office. Meaning valuable free time given back to the agent to compete other roles.

In an industry that is fast paced and extremely competitive, estate agents need to be able to move fast and to offer selling points that make their agency stand out amongst the competition. Using Rezi estate agency software and Sprift property reports means that information can be obtained seamlessly at the click of a button, accessed anywhere and anytime, freeing up the need to race back to the office or make multiple calls to draw information needed on a property for buyer or vendor. 

The benefits of ‘Prediction Economy’ selling

With this integration, why not offer your clients advice ahead of the valuation too? It’s worked for Bond residential. Noticing that one property was registered under three different titles, the agent was able to offer the vendor advice in rectifying this before the house went to market. Saving all parties in the chain valuable time before the viewing process started. 

Rezi and Sprift is more than just a CRM and PropTech integration, it’s the future of winning more instructions and selling more properties. 

Watch the full Dezrez & Sprift webinar