10 Email Marketing Tips for Estate Agents 

26.07.21 11:53 AM Comment(s)
Looking for an effective way to contact customers? Email is your answer!

Email provides an efficient marketing solution without the complex algorithms of social media sites. With the majority of the population using emails on a daily basis, email marketing is a must for estate agents. 

As an estate agent, communication and engagement with potential customers is key. Email marketing offers the opportunity to build personal relationships with a large number of contacts.

Here are our top tips for making the most of real estate email marketing...
Written by Megan Eakins.
Email marketing tips for estate agents

1. Automate your emails

Life as an estate agent is busy, so why not make it that little bit easier? Manually sending emails to individuals is just too time consuming, with consistent use of automated email marketing you can become considerably more efficient in your daily tasks. 

At Dezrez, we offer an estate agency software package called Rezi Premium, which provides automations and integrations that allow you to become a more efficient and productive agent. This includes email automations – so you can: 
  • Send welcome emails to new clients
  • Email customers when something changes on their property
  • Give client daily or weekly updates on their instruction
  • And much more!

That precious time you save by setting up automated emails within your CRM can be put to use elsewhere, allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling properties. 

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2. Personalise email campaigns

Making the customer feel as though they have received a personalised email can make them more likely to engage with the content. This means that creating relationships with customers can be made easier when emails are personalised, as a better connection can be built. 

Not only can you add the customer’s name to the email, you can also add your own, along with your job title and a photo using merge fields. It can be comforting to know who you are talking to when receiving emails, as many people are cautious due to scams. 

This simple yet effective technique can be easily implemented and brings such benefits, so get personalised and see the relationships build!

3. Optimise your email for mobile

Most people will use their mobile device when opening emails, particularly those who are on-the-go. So, a mobile friendly email is essential, especially as it can increase click through and open rates. 

Ensuring all emails are mobile user friendly will increase the potential for reaching more customers.

4. Add an eye-catching subject

Creating a captivating subject can grab the attention of customers, making them more likely to click through and engage with the email.

The subject and email name are the first things customers will see when receiving an email, so getting this right could lead to engagement with more customers. 

For customers wanting an easier life, like most of us! A subject to an email with inviting and promising information to make their lives less stressful can increase engagement rates.
Emailing for estate agent business

5. Make use of analytics

Using analytics features can allow for an understanding if your email marketing strategy has been successful. 

Simply seeing who the email has been delivered to and who has opened it can provide an understanding as to who may be interested in your services, so you can use follow up emails to further gain their attention.

Use the analytical information to adapt email marketing techniques if necessary – changing strategies can lead to better engagement, so it’s definitely worth it!

6. Keep your mailing list up to date

It is important for customers to receive relevant information at appropriate times, so having a weekly or monthly newsletter via email can provide this information to customers. 

A frequent newsletter is a simplistic yet effective email marketing technique to keep customers engaged. Your newsletter can provide your eager subscribers with up to date real estate information, such as featured listings, area news and events. At the end of the day, they have signed up to receive your newsletter, so they want to hear about these things!

7. Remain consistent

Consistency is key for all marketing strategies. If you choose to send out a monthly newsletter in April, you should do so with a plan in mind to send one out every month. That way your mailing list will know what communications to expect from you. 

Just seeing your business name when receiving an email reminds customers of your services, and although they may not be in need of your services at that very moment, a gentle “Hi, we’re still here if you need us” will increase the chances of them using your estate agency when they want to buy or sell a property.

8. Create an email list

If your estate agency doesn’t have an email list already, start setting it up today! 

An email list put simply is a collection of all contacts, however it is so much more than this and is a true benefit for email marketing. Your email list consists of existing and potential customers who are so engaged with your content, that they are actively hoping to receive more! 

Email lists allow for engagement with subscribers, keeping them up to date, improving customer loyalty and increasing sales. What’s not to love? 

You might be thinking, “I’ve got an email list but I’m not seeing these benefits”. This means you may not have an active and engaging email list, or you may not be using it in a way that suits your customers. When your email list consists of those enthusiastic subscribers, your newsletters will be opened, potential customers will want appointments and existing customers return. 

To keep subscribers engaged and to invite more subscribers in, create a weekly/monthly newsletter providing information along with keeping your name fresh in their mind.

9. Choose your sender name carefully

With most automated email marketing tools for estate agents, you will be able to edit your sender address and the sender name. This will be the first thing your customers see, so it needs to be carefully thought-through.

10. Promote your social media and website

With digital marketing being so important for businesses these days with the new virtual way of life, using one platform to promote another can be so useful. 

Placing social media links on the email, can make different social media pages easily accessible for customers who are wanting to discover more. Social media marketing can be a really effective way to reach your audience and improves engagement, so be sure to link them where you can.

Real estate email ideas

As an estate agent, you can use your estate agency software to send out personal or automated emails to your clients, triggered by certain actions within the CRM. Some ideas for estate agency emails include: 
  • Welcome emails
  • Newsletters
  • Follow ups
  • Announcements
  • Celebrations of employee successes 
  • Commercial news 
There are no restraints, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your emails! Be sure to experiment and use your analytics to determine whether or not your strategy is working. 

For more information on our estate agency software package that offers automated emails (and much more automation tools), be sure to book a free, no obligation demo today!