Improve Your Rezi Experience

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Using cloud-based software gives you the freedom to work online from any location at any time. You don’t have to worry about installs, and updates are instant. Here are our top health tips to improve your Rezi performance.

Is your security software slowing you down?

You may not realise but your security software can affect the performance of Rezi and your experience of using the software day-to-day. Be sure to whitelist and add all the Dezrez domains listed on this page.

 Check the speed of your broadband.

Rezi is a cloud-based system meaning your internet speed plays a large role in how well the system performs. Your speed should be working with 2Mbps down per user, and 0.2Mbps up. Use this useful tool to check your broadband speed: Speed Test
Speed Test

Are you using the right browser?

Rezi is designed to work on Google Chrome which means plugins added by other software can cause you to run into issues that can cause slowness and poor performance. If you can work without them, remove them. To check which plugins you have installed copy and paste this into your URL bar chrome://extensions/

 Schedule your updates smartly.

Did you know that scheduled updates can often start and run in the background without your knowledge? They can slow down your network and slow down Rezi without you knowing it! Find out how to check when your updates are scheduled. Ask your IT provider to schedule all OS and antivirus updates out of working hours.

Keep your Microsoft Office up to date.

Rezi Post enables you to communicate with your clients the way you want to. Whether you are sending letters, emails or SMS messages all of your templates can be built using Microsoft Word. To benefit from high performance and all of the latest features, you will need to make sure you are running Office 2016 or later. To check the version of Office you are running, or ask your IT provider to check this.

What PC spec do I need for Rezi?

Could your PC do with an upgrade? It is important that your PC performance meets our Rezi specification to give you the best experience. You can view our PC Specification guide, or ask your IT provider to review the specification and make sure your computer fits the criteria.